Friday, June 25, 2010

Stealing Is A No No

I was staying at my friend's house for a week. I just wanted to be away from my home. My house is in "the jungle" and I wanted a city environment for a change. So my mother said "Sure, but the car stay at home". I had to use the public transport all the way for the whole week and it had been a year since I last use it. I don't mind. I wanted to relax in the city.

My friend was kind enough to accept me for the week and since he stay next to the LRT station it is extremely convenience for me to move around. I just need to plan my schedule one or two hours ahead. I had all the time I need. We both had fun.


His house consist of him and his other house mate. I knew them both for more than three years already by now. So we are close and any trouble they/we have or had, I/we will try and help each other out.

However, sadly on the last day when I was going home the other friend (Friend B) of mine took some money from my wallet without telling me. My friend (Friend A) told me this only by the SMS which I receive early in the morning after I woke up. I was still blur when I read it and was pretty pissed off after I fully alert of the situation.

I understand of their situation. Friend A did mention to me that he wanted to lend some money from me as both of them are seriously having financial problem. (Like I mention earlier, we tell each other problem. I shall not elaborate more on the matter). I totally forgotten to give it to them the night before since we were out having dinner and came back quite late. I fell asleep not later after we got home.

The thing is Friend B should never do such thing in the first place no matter how bad their situation is. They should know me well enough that I obviously will lend a hand if I can. I know them long enough already. His excuse was that I was asleep. Just woke me up then.

Yes, it is good that Friend A was honest to tell me about it (since Friend A know and didn't stop Friend B) but both of them really got a good serious scolding from me. I was angry at both for doing this. No excuse for taking other people money without permission. It is called stealing.

Yes, I am angry but that doesn't me I don't care. They still my friends. I know them long enough to trust them enough. So I forgave them and I really hope this will never happen again.

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