Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Queue Cutting With CIMB Prime

I was at the bank last week to bank in some cash. The Cash Deposit Machine wasn't working that day so had to bank it in manually. Looking at the people in the bank makes me wonder, this going to take me forever. The security guard were being helpful by passing me queue number but I'm not interested with it and said I have a priority card. I decided to take out my CIMB Prime ATM card and put it in the queue machine. Voala! New number came out from it. 

In just few second, my number was called overriding all other number. Nice!! Of course I get all the stares and I even overheard two girls saying "We were here long and he get to go first". I just thank the banker once my transaction done and left. 

So people, if you can do change to CIMB Prime Plan. All you need a Gold or above CIMB credit card and RM1000 (initial deposit for Prime Current Account) and you are done. 

What so good about the plan? 
01. Priority Queue 
02 .Dedicated Phone Banking Services - Instant assistance when you call CIMB Prime Call Centre at 1 300 889 800 
03. Complimentary SMS Alerts 
04. Higher ATM Withdrawal Limit up to RM10,000 per day 
05. Consolidated Statements 
06. Dedicated services on CIMB Clicks 
07 Special preferential rates for Housing Loan, Overdraft and Car Loan 
08. Earn Bonus Points 
09. Complimentary Airport Lounge Access - KLIA 
10. Prime eBidding 

I don't tempt you enough? Check out their website CIMB Prime Plan.


Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Online Business

As the first step for me to achive achieve my goal toward becoming more rich (muahahaha!), I have started an online business via the help from Facebook. Yay! Do come and visit my page and not to forget buy some which you like ok.

Oh ya! I can't ship internationally yet so at this moment I am only able to promote the products to the local buyers. I do apologies for it.


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Travel Blog

So as to tick off one of my resolution, I created the travel blog as promised. I still have a lot to edit and update so please be patient with me. Do save the link so you could visit it easily. Most importantly, do visit the blog.

Ameer Zachery Meets The World

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year!

First of all I would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year. It has been a long year. Too many things happening all year. Happy. Sad. It just part of life.

Last year I did not make any New Year resolution as all I wanted is to be healthy which I actually archived. I should say also to have someone faithful in the relationship. Ok. Throw away the old sad memories.

In 2010, all my resolution was achieved. Woohoo. I'm so happy about it. Even though it didn't go as per target but I still manage to get all of it.

Now I am creating a lot more new target in life. It just something I want to do to keep me going in life. We could all do it everyday but it's nice to have an aim. After all, we could plan and plan and plan. We can never know how the end result would be. But at least we can say we tried.

01. Travel on five different airlines.
02. Travel to all six continents.
03. Travel to at least 10 new cities from around the world.
04. Travel with someone I love to at least once city from anywhere in this world.
05. Travel to five cities to watch five different musical theatre.
06. Bring my mom to three new places for holiday.
07. Create a travel blog which will serve as my travel diary.

01. Pay off all my credit cards outstanding.
02. Save at least RM50000 into my investment account
03. Start an online business with a target of RM25000 this year.
04. Invest in three more new houses.
05. Give to charity more.
06. Cut my spending to half from 2011.
07. Limit my credit card application and maintain to only have four cards at one time.

01. Call five different people every month to stay connected.
02. Pamper my best friends a bit less (You guys are too pampered by me already)
03. No birthday present this year for my friends. (Cut cost measure)
04. Hang out at least twice a month with my friends. (I know I had been very busy lately)
05. Make a lot new friends from around the world.

01. Reorganize everything at home.
02. Go out for movie once a month.
03. Change my wardrobe contents to once a year instead of twice.
04. Ride on five different roller coaster.
05. Visit three different theme park.
06. Revamp www.ameerzachery.com and update it at least three times a month.

01. Lose more weight.
02. Eat proper food.
03. Eat less airlines food. (Too much sodium in it)
04. Go to gym at least six times per month.
05. Reduce or possible stop the three bad habits I have right now.
06. Smile and be happy more.

01. Work harder.
02. Learn two new language. (I need to make time to attend those classes)