Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I Want To Complain About You

Life as a customer service officer can be frustrating and tiring. I know how they feel. I have a lot of my friends working in this line of duty. So I understand. I for one don't like to complain a lot but if I do need to I expect my need to be taken seriously and promptly.

So how can we help ourself and them in order for us both be happy. I have my own way on doing so and like people say "sharing is caring".

When you make the call, do treat the other person like your friend. I know you having problem. So talk to them like you are talking to your friend. So it would be easy for you both. The most important thing to do is get their name. If you didn't catch it at the first time, ask again or they didn't give it to you, ask for it. This would be handy if you required to refer back for reference when you call back to check on your status.

Give all the details that you think is relevant. If you not sure what they need, ask for it. Don't be shy to ask question from them. I am very specific on my complain so normally I will first ask for their best solution or idea before giving them mine. They normally know more than we do. So there no harm asking for their advice.

Request for a time frame. This is very important as we don't want to keep waiting thinking when our problem will be solve. So ask for a time frame, what the case number, who to call or email if need to refer back and do they charge you? I will ask all this thing so it would be easy for me in the future. I don't have to wait aimlessly waiting for them. Normally three days is a normal time frame but sometime a week is still acceptable. If they we asking for more I will ask for an elaborate explanation from them.

Now, they bust the time frame and still haven't resolve the problem. I know you definitely would be extremely angry by now. Who wouldn't right? I myself who a very patient guy also can be a very hot tempered if become like this. Do not. I repeat, do not scold or yell at them. They just doing their job. You gain nothing for doing so. I don't yell or scream at them.

However, my method is a bit cruel I guess. So I don't really recommend people doing it unless you want them to settle the problem fast.

The idea is to be firm. I normally will just ask questions at them until they can't answer me back. So when they give up, they normally will give what ever I ask. Just like the case here.

I also will sometime use sarcasm and reverse psychology. I am extremely good at manipulating people. So whatever my demand is they listen to me. (Well, mostly almost all the time). Just like my latest case which I am glad they are very efficient and listen exactly to what I ask for. Something I really praise and look for in a customer service.

Overall, I just want to say, it all also depend on how you communicate with them and most importantly it depend on you yourself. If you want to try my method please do so but don't blame me if anything goes wrong. Do it at your own risk, kapish?

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