Monday, February 22, 2010

Balik Kampung

So to say, I am now at my parents hometown visiting my uncles and aunties. So the first 4 days I will be at Penang and the remaining 4 days I will flying off to Kota Bharu.

I will let you know on more details about my trip to Penang (Balik Pulau Town) and Kota Bharu (Kuala Krai Town) when I am back at home. I last visited Kuala Krai when I was 16 years old I guess. I think a lot have been change by now.

So see you next week.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Charitable Foundation

There a lot of thing you can do to help the unfortunate people around the world. I am one of the small contributor who took part to make this world a better place. If you have the money, why not give some to the people who need it. Even it might seen a little but when a lot of people come in and help along, the amount will accumulate and be a lot.

I am currently donating for few charitable foundation I could find in my country to help. I know I can't help everyone but the least I can do is try.

Currently, I am sponsoring two kids through World Vision. The country is limited but my choice is India and Myanmar (as mentioned from my previous post). There are few other country where you could pick to help. If sponsor a child might be a problem for you, you could always donate for something else. All donations are money based which will be converted into items and be given to the respective people of the area. More information can be read from the WorldVision website.

I also been donating since my high school to Budimas Foundation. It is a foundation for orphanage. It help to build facilities and other things that might seem important to help these orphanage. The donation is as little as RM1/day and like I said, you lose nothing if you help people. Like for me, it always make me feel happy and I always donated more when I could. Visit their website to learn more about the Budimas Foundation.

Lastly would be Makna or in English stands for National Cancer Council. This would be a straight forward message. All money donated to Makna will be used to finance for the research and development in finding cure for cancer. It also used to help the poor to get treatment for cancer. The contribution you can make is also as little as RM1/day and can be deducted through your bank account so you won't have the hassle of banking in the money to the foundation. Visit the website for more information about Makna.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sponsored Child

My sponsored child from India sent me this. She is 11 years old this year. I will tell you more about it on my next next post.

Post Sriptum: I have two sponsor child, a 11 years old girl from India and a 5 years old boy from Myanmar.

Friday, February 19, 2010

No Life With Facebook

"Get connected with Facebook"
I think I overly abuse this statement a lot already. I admit that I have no life and my life revolve around Facebook. Seriously, I can't take myself off from it. I don't know why am I addicted to it. There is nothing fun about Facebook but every morning until late in the evening I will keep my Facebook profile log on and wait for people updates. No life. Damn.

At this moment, I stopped playing the Facebook games already. I need to stop myself from becoming too obsess with Facebook. It is not good for health. Don't stick to the computer too long. It will damage your eye and your brain (No! I am not making this up.)

I need to change. Seriously.......

Post Sriptum: Luckily I deleted my Friendster and Myspace account already. If not. DIE.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

ZED Fare List

This probably only applicable to people who work in my company and served only as guidance. Please check with your company for your actual pricing.

To be really precise, you need to check again with ticketing. They the one who have the latest pricing.

For those who don't really understand the term of ZED, please do check it HERE or HERE. The explanation is quite detail and informative to all. Be noted that the pricing I have and applicable/related to me is ZM. I don't have ZL or ZH pricing.

The fare exclude any relevant taxes. So you need to add the tax required when you calculate the fare in order to get the exact amount.
Total Fare = ZED + Tax(s) 

Last update/checked on 30.03.2011.

1 / 0001-0450 / 29
2 / 0451-0750 / 31
3 / 0751-1600 / 41
4 / 1601-3200 / 58
5 / 3201-4080 / 64
6 / 4081-5000 / 76
7 / 5001-6100 / 83
8 / 6101-7100 / 111
9 / 7101-9999 / 111

Mileage Calculator ::Click Here::

[20.03.2010] Note: ZED Fare Table obtained from US Airways as shown.

[23.05.2010] Guide on checking/buying the ZED fare flight scenario:

Case 1: EK404 DXB/SIN/MEL. Total distance cover is 7380 miles. This flight can be purchase for Zone 9 even though it has a stop at SIN. The fare is only USD105 (excluding tax). This is due to the fact that the flight number is the same and it can be checked in at the origin to final destination in single shot.

Case 2: EK348 DXB/SIN EK404 SIN/MEL. Total distance cover is 7380 miles (breakdown distance of DXB/SIN is 3630 miles and SIN/MEL is 3750 miles). Even though the flight also ends at the same destination which is MEL and with same total distance as Case 1, separate ticket had to be bought due to change of flight/aircraft. This is flight for Zone 5 both priced at USD66 each. The total fare for the tickets are USD 132 (excluding tax).

Case 3: QF009 MEL/SIN/LHR. Total distance cover is 10510 miles (breakdown distance of MEL/SIN is 3750 miles and SIN/LHR is 6760 miles). Since the total distance for this route is more than 9999 miles, the fare for the flight ticket has to be separated into two even though it is the same case as Case 1 (which has same flight number and no change of aircraft). This is due to the fact that the maximum distance for Zone 9 is 9999 miles. So the applicable Zone is Zone 5 and Zone 8 priced at USD66 and USD105. The total fare for the tickets is USD171 (excluding tax).

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

To Travel In Luxury

After giving a lot of thought, I have decided that starting from my age of 26 years old onward (if I ever make it and don't ask me why I choose this age), I will travel to anywhere in the world using the Business Class seat unless I am travelling using foreign airline.

I mean to say here, life is short and when you die you actually will leave your money behind. You don't bring the money to your grave with you. So why not spend on something that you really love. To me I love everything about flying and to be able to travel in luxury is one of my greatest pleasure.

I am not trying to boost here but mere to say that if you can, just fork out a bit more for a more pleasant and comfortable experience. I am not saying the Economy Class seat is not good. However, it would be a privilege to be able to travel in Business Class or better yet First Class.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Perry Jackson And The Lightning Thief

Now they make movie about anything. Nothing is impossible nowadays. So this time it about ancient Greek Gods and Goddess. It is a very interesting movie to watch. However, in my opinion the movie is a bit slow in the storyline part. It is a little bit predictable and a lot being cut short due to the short movie time.

I am not going to tell how the story goes about but I do want to say I like this kind of movie. Fantasy genre suit me very well. I hope they have sequel for it due time soon. I still know it is impossible as the storyline can't really go that far.

Overall I can say it a ok type of movie. I would give 6.5/10 rating for it. So see it and rate it for yourself.

Full detail of the story in Wikipedia. [Don't say I didn't warn ya]

Post Sriptum: Eventhough having god like power is cool, I still think Vampires are cooler.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Picnic @ Taman Tasik Perdana

Who idea was it to go for a picnic in the afternoon? It was so hot but I think I don't really mind.

I think the last time I went to this park is like 15 years ago. Seriously, I can't remember at all coming here but I know I did came before when I was a small kid. Nothing much to recall as everything is vivid to my mind.

The park is very well maintained. Everything look clean and they already upgrade the facilities for making it easier for visitors. It's huge. One thing for sure. So walking in the park require a lot of energy and time.

I like the lake area. A very nice place for a picnic. It still hot since it is in the afternoon but it a nice place to visit. After all, since it is located in the city, you don't really feel that you actually in one. A good place to hang out with friend and family just to chill out or relax.

Now where is the ducks and goose? Here duckie duckie...

Post Sriptum: I didn't bring my digital camera, so I used my phone camera instead.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

So Do You Know Me Well?

Here something to make thing interesting. I am going to do a quiz and the prizes for this quiz are...

1 X RM 10 KFC Voucher and RM 10 McDonald Voucher.

The first FIVE people who answer all of it correctly will receive these vouchers (Cool right?). The answer must be submitted to my email only (which can be found in this blog) together with your full name, address and contact number.

*Terms and Conditions apply.

1. What is my Full Real Name? [Since some really don't know the answer]

2. What is my Greatest Fear?

3. How old am I in year 2010?

4. What Zodiac am I in Chinese and Western? [Really hard to guess if you don't have me on Facebook]

5. What is my Occupation?

Terms and Conditions:
- Not applicable to my best friends, family and relatives.
- Not applicable for those staying outside of Malaysia.
- Not counted if answer submitted through Post Comment.
- Winners will be notified by email/SMS and will posted here after the closing date.
- If nobody could answer all correctly, the winner will be chosen based on the most correct answer he/she have.
- Closing date is 20 February 2010.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Good Luck !!

Watching it reminding me of myself......

Watch it FREE HERE

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Review: Thai Airways

Date Travel: 12 December 2008
Sector: Bangkok (BKK) - Kuala Lumpur (KUL)

Royal Thai Airways (TG) took my breath away. I really can say the treatment I get even as Economy class passenger is truly like a royalties.


Very easy and very polite staff. They all very helpful. I was given a seat immediately even when my ticket is a standby ticket. So hassle free. Since they using a big aircraft. I can virtually ask for any seat location. They even do offer me for it. Of course I always love to seat at the window just behind the wing. Thats where all the good view is.

Departure Hall

It was normal like KLIA but very fast. I took the shuttle since the aircraft is located at the other bay not accessible by the terminal. The shuttle is well maintained and look like new. I got the chance to view the apron area better. With big aircraft seen along our journey to the bay.


I love the paint. I really do. The exterior and the interior is so calming. The seat is spacious and the leg rest is very generous. You won't feel cramp at all. Everything look so new and very well maintained. I really can't find any defects in the cabin particularly on my section. This journey is on B777-200.

Cabin Crew

The moment you step in the aircraft you will be greeted by the Cabin Crew. Their multi-colour uniform is so unique I actually felt happy when I see it. Weird. But I guess colour do effect your mood. They very soft spoken and polite to you all the time. The work very efficently and I can say they very good at their duty.

In-flight Entertainment

Since this is consider as a short-houl International sector, all the passanger are given a personal earphone. No movie is shown except the flight information. The good thing about it is you can actually bring home the earphone as it can be used for walkman as well by just a simple pull of the plug. Cool right?


The portion they give is a lot. It does not look like normal Economy Class food to me. I picked rice with fish ball, orange cake, soft bun and prawn salad. The cabin crew will walk up and down every 5 minutes to offer you drink alternately for cold and hot drink. They are very efficient and hard working.

The food is very tasty and with the side dish, I actually felt full after finishing the meal.

Overall Rating

Check-in 4/5
Departure Hall 4/5
Aircraft 4/5
Cabin Crew 5/5
In-flight Entertainment 3/5
Meal 5/5

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Pain Will Always Be There

It already four months falling sick and somehow I don't see much improvement at all. All I can feel is that it is getting bad and the pain intensify. I don't tell people about it but it is really painful to even explain it.

A friend of mine said that it is all in my head, I think too much. I just keep quiet and smile to him. If he were in my shoes I think he would understand more. It is not something that I made out about. Why in the world I want to get leave for months and not working. I love my job very much. It is really sad to see and hear from my other friends how nice and fun their trip was. I missed all that excitement.

The doctors seem to treat me for something they could find out but most of the time she could not explain what is wrong with me. She just assumed that I had this sickness and giving me all sort of medicine hoping it will get better. If it does not work, she will change to a different kind of medicine and say "We see if this work on you". How much longer do I need to become a testing subject? I am seriously depress right now with my condition not getting better. Even the pain killer which supposed to help reduce the pain does not work anymore and I took three types of painkiller at a time for same thing.

My parents try to sort for traditional medicine and I don't believe this kind of stuff anymore. I feel that this people just trying to cheat people and take your money. If the thing they said were true, how come I did not get better? The good example was when they did all sort of thing to me and I told them I still feel the same then they give some other excuse. I was pissed at these kind of people and just left the place. That is why I don't believe in this sort of traditional medicine but still I need to see if it could work. I guess no more for me.

Right now, I would just lock myself in the my room and mostly do nothing. I am really depress and stress out about it. I mean you would be sad if you are in pain all the time. It is not fun at all. I can admit that sometime I would cry because of the pain is too bearable. I really can't take it anymore. I just wish I could get my life back on track and this sickness to go away forever. I just want my life again.

Introducing The Cat Family v2

My family have a lot of cats. Most of the cat were stray cat where we found near our shop or on the road. So at this moment we have a total of 12 cats and probably going to be increasing more if my parent keep picking up these cat.

They seem to know the routine already by now. Breakfast at 6am, lunch at 3pm and Dinner at 7pm. I think my cats have better meal time than I am. They eat mostly rice and fish which we specially bought and cook for them. They very picky on what they eat. Spoilt cat. Some other time we will give them cat food just for snack (See even my cats have snack time)

They seem to like sleeping a lot during the day and very active in the evening. The best part about our cat is that they will follow where ever we go. So normally, if we hang out at the outside, they will all play around near us. It was cool. They seem to understand my parents command. If their names been called, they will definitely come even if they are three house away.

I am NOT a cat fan anymore as I have sinus problem but no choice to live with them. :P

Monday, February 8, 2010

Latest Credit Card: GSC-EON Bank Visa Platinum

This is my fifth active credit card. The credit card design is extremely cool and nice. You should get one for yourself.

Reference Link: GSC-EON Bank Credit Card

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Kuala Terengganu Trip

Date Travel: 02 February 2010 - 06 February 2010

Day 1
It was a very long journey indeed. I thought I did not want to go anymore as I was sick and the 6 hours of drive is really going to make me really tired. My dad decided to start his driving at 12pm. So I actually had time to rest a little bit more. I told myself to just go for it and maybe I will be better when I arrived at the destination.

We are going to Kuala Terengganu. Located at the State of Terengganu. We drove passed through State of Pahang before actually reached the final destination. Taking turn on driving I used the auto cruise for the highway but 110km/hr really makes you bored really fast. So in the end I decided to just pressed the pedal and speed up a 'little' bit. My dad now seem to follow my rules I guess. "If you want to get a ticket, at least make it worth it".

The hotel is located at the beach. Totally fall in love with the place instantly. Since it was a long drive and we arrived late in the evening. I didn't do much for the night except tried to hang out outside at the beach front. Bad idea. Mosquito attack fast. I think maybe I have sweet blood. Who knows right? So I decided to head back to the room and watched the movie on the TV before head for the bed.

Day 2
Woke up early to get the breakfast. It's free. Who doesn't want it right? So I decided to have a little bit of tour at the city. It was a very hot day but a nice place to visit. A lot of places for photos and not to missed out the place to shop. The best local market they have is Pasar Payang. Very classic looking wet and dry market. They sell everything and it is cheap.

I went to the State Museum and also a drive through the bridge connected with the Duyung Island and just drove myself to the airport. I saw the beautiful Crystal Mosque when driving over the bridge. I just want to see that newly finish airport. It looked so nice from the outside so I wonder how it looked like inside. I can say the airport is nice. It has a man mad waterfall inside 3 storey high. Simply beautiful.

In the evening, I went for a walk at the beach. The scenery was really awesome. You really can relax when you come here at this place. I think I walked for hours.

Day 3
Basically nothing to do today. I slept at the beach right after I had my breakfast. The wind blowing was so cold and I just dozed off easily. Other time, I just relax in the hotel room watching movie almost the whole day. Seriously. My mom supposed to join me at the hotel and I supposed to pick her up at the airport but she decided to cancelled it. So I just chill out in the room.

Only in the evening I decided to came down for a swim in the swimming pool. The water is freaking cold. I haven't fully recover for my sickness. So I think that's why I feel the water is cold as ice. So only after 15 minutes I decided to stroll along the beach. Guess what I found? Remes. It's a snail like Lala and Kepah except smaller. So I just dug the sand and look for them. Happy is the word here as I really love looking for this snail.

Dinner at the restaurant under the bridge. The food is excellent. No wonder my dad recommended me to go there for dinner.

Day 4
Gone for Remes hunting again in the morning until afternoon. I think I had sun burn already by now. The sun screen cream does not do much to prevent it. Chill out in the room as I am too tired to go out and again in the evening continue my Remes hunting. I got a bowl full of it. I had fun.

Day 5
Packs our bag and quick shop at the Pasar Payang. Also not to forget the Keropok Lekor and Serunding. It a must buy when in Terengganu. The drive this time was via coastal road. A lot of traffic light but a nicer scenery. The sea. We arrived at home in the evening and I was dead tired. Feel like falling sick after I am still sick. Panadol and head to bed after dinner.

Next time for a visit again at Kuala Terengganu.

Post Sriptum: Seriously, my English suck badly.