Monday, June 7, 2010

Here Fishy Fishy !!

I wonder how can you built a underwater world in a city. So the date was set for me and few of my friends for the field trip discovery of the natural habitat of the salt water and fresh water creatures live in the middle of the city centre. They even exhibit some forest creatures.

The name is Aquaria. I am pretty sure you are quite familiar with it and we all once again being like the small kid we suppose to be acted pretty well on this visit. I managed to use my Maybank Petronas Visa Platinum (or Gold) card promotion which I only need to pay RM24 per adult for a maximum ticket of six. For the current Maybank promotion, any Maybank credit/debit card holder only need to pay RM25 per adult for a maximum of six tickets.

It is not that big but we had fun as it had been a while since I last visited any underwater world. What's next on the list?

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