Sunday, August 29, 2010

Medicine Can Also Cause Trouble

You see I am sometimes still taking my medication to help me relax from the pain I am having. It is a painkiller but it also a nerve calmer.

The thing is I will normally go into a state where I will not able to remember what I say or do. I always try to be careful everytime I took the medicine as it is quite dangerous. There have been cases where people involuntary jump from a roof or drive a car without them knowing what happen at all.

Usually after taking the medicine, I will normally go to sleep. However, there are occasional occasion I will not be able to sleep immediately. This is by far the worst thing could ever happen to me.

I will always do and say things I am not suppose to say to other people. Sometimes the things that I said might hurt the people around me or the person I am talking to. I cannot blame the medicine as I know mostly what I said was true, something that within my heart which suppose to be kept to myself and no one should ever know about it.

The only problem was, I can't remember anything that I said at all until I traced back all the thing that I might do in the first place (calls, SMS, emails, social networking).

I usually regretted of what I did as it was not suppose to happen at all. Nobody should know it. However, the damage done cannot be taken back. How I wish I can do that.

I am truly sorry if I hurt anyone feelings. I really didn't mean to do it. 

I am sorry. *I don't even know why I'm crying now*

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Last Airbender

Well for those who watched the anime should already know what the movie is all about. In fact it is exactly like the anime. However, I can say that the movie is really nice to watch as the graphic is good.

It is just an upgrade from the anime. Please bear in mind that this is not as good as the anime. Anime is nothing but graphic and this is pure human actors and actresses. I do feel they might did deviate a little bit from the actual story line but I guess that what movies are. Oh ya, they (the actors/actresses) seem a little bit 'stiff' while acting. Just like reading from line to line.

Go watch it but always open your mind. It never will be as good as the anime.

My rating 7/10.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Temporary Squatter Begone

Ok. As you might aware, I do have problem with temporary 'visitor' who stayed at my house exceeding their visitor pass already. My friend is just to kind too ask them to move. So it is up to me as I am the secondary owner of the house.

I don't know what taking her so long to find a new room. She been staying for almost three months now and that is far too long. I can accept that you were having problem last time but not anymore. The house now completely changed as if you own the place. I mean come on. You said it is only temporary. So why bring ALL you stuff and cramp it inside the house.

We finally had our meeting last week and it seem my friend still seem to be afraid of asking her to move out. I am moving in to the house and I want it to be as I like it. I don't really mean to be rude but she said herself IT IS ONLY TEMPORARY. So it is time for you to pack up and move. I already told her that she could stay ONLY until she could find a new place ASAP. I did emphasize to her that and I hope she get the message across.

The other thing that really pissed me off is that she somehow invited her friend to move in to the empty room. I really can't take it. It is not her house to begin with and now she is doing this without BOTH of our knowledge. I found out about this when I was visiting the place and that really not a good way of telling us since her friend already been staying for quite a while.


I am going to move in officially mid of September and I expect the house to be just like before. My friend just let me handle it since he don't really want to do it. So fine. I handle it the way I like it.


Notice given. Don't say I didn't give you time to look for a new place.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Expendables

I have high expectation for this movie. Ok. I am just kidding. I don't really care if this movie is good or not. I just need something to entertain my boring mind.

I really hope this movie could be good but to my dismay it isn't. The story is flat and predictable. The CGI suck. So many flaws in it. I don't even know what this movie is all about. All I know was some dude just trying to help a chick by killing all the bad guys gruesomely. I was like what kind of nonsense is this.

So I don't recommend at all for people to what this unless you are absolutely crazy as the people in the movie and really really really don't know what to do. I am just telling you what I feel about it. Any complaint take it to the director.

My rating 3.5/10.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Less Post Update

In this coming few weeks, I will be updating a lot lesser than usual. I am currently having some personal issue and need some time off again for myself. Do not worry everyone. The issue is not that severe (I hope so too) and I am handling it quite well. I hope the same for the other party too. Cheer up will ya?

I also will be busy with my parents company as I am their part-time Finance Manager. So thats about it and happy day. Hahahaha. I don't even know why I said the last part.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Visit To Malacca Tower

I was so free on Saturday so I went down south to Malacca. I was supposed to do something but somehow there was a changed in plan and I cancelled it. Since I am already there I might as well visit my old friends at the Malacca airport control tower.

They already moved from the old building to a new completed building. Everything are of course changed. The runway, the terminal building and the emergency services building and even the control tower. The old building was totally demolished to accommodate the new one.

So enjoy some of the views I captured through my phone.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Moving Matter

Haih. My mom still can't accept the fact that I am moving out from the house. It's very normal of her to act this way since I am the youngest in the family so I can say I am more attached to her. I already made my mind that it is time for me to live by my own. Being independent.

It is not that I am moving far to another state. I am just moving to a place with only an hour drive. I told her so many time I don't like living in the suburban area. I prefer the city life. I even invited her to move with me but she refused saying that this is her life now. So what about me? I wanted mine to be the way I like it too.

We were arguing again today in the car but she still as stubborn as before and asking me to stop telling her about it. She still trying to make me change my mind and stay. Not this time. My decision is final whether she like it or not. I did not disown my family, I just wanted my own life and since I can afford to do it, I don't see the problem at all.

So far I am not officially moved out from my house. I will be moving on 20th September. A lot more need to be done before I finally move out. However, most of my stuff are already at the new house.

Friday, August 20, 2010


It is not sweet and it is not bitter. I am not talking about the taste. I am talking about the movie. It is a nice movie but it seem the storyline is a bit predictable.

Enough said, Angelina Jolie really did a great job in the movie as she always does. So the story is not as bad as it going to be.

My rating 7.5/10.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

23 Facts About Me

I found this interesting post from someone blog and I feel that I also should make a list for myself. I am not sure why must it 23 facts and not more or less from that number. So here are the things you might or might not know about me.

01. I am born second in my family and also the youngest in my family. I have only one older brother which is two years different from me. During our young age, we always fight with each other as both arguing one being pampered more than another. I stopped fighting with my brother at the age of 21 when I started working and get everything I wanted with my own money.

02. It is hard for me to fall in love and once I do I will try to keep the relationship for as long as I can. I always try to do and get everything the other person wish for no matter how hard it is for me to attain it. I care deeply for the one I love and always worried when we are not together. Oh ya, I don't express my feeling much until recently where I understand that keeping it silent won't make your love one know what you really feel.

03. My first love was when I was at the age of 20. I know I started late. However, it doesn't last long as we both live too far apart.

04. I love all my friends and once in a while I will make a random call to them and chat for a moment just to keep us connected. I don't have a lot of friends and the one I have are the one that really understood me and stand by me all the time when I needed them. I do have a lot of acquaintances/connections though.

05. I like western food more than the local food. But it is very hard for me to keep maintaining my diet as I technically live in a jungle and the only food available here is local food. Plus, I always put a hole in my pocket every time I indulge in those favorite of mine.

06. I am an organize person but I am not a perfectionist. I always plan my day a day ahead so I know I did all the things I need to accomplish systematically. If I didn't finish all the task, I will feel sad. Seriously, my mom always had to remind me that it is ok to miss a task or two if the time is not enough.

07. I have been in four different kind of operations in the pass four years. Each operation is not related to one another at all. I am mostly sick for unknown reason and for different cause. There also a possibility for me to undergo another operation this year but I am still don't feel like doing it. Pain killers are my new best friend nowadays.

08. I can talk to random people easily. I am sometimes shy with people. I also have a habit of studying the person I am talking to with. So if you see me with new people and just sit quietly, it mean I am studying them. Some people said I looked cocky but they always take back their word once they know me. ;)

09. I had been to two pre-school, three primary school and four secondary school in my entire live. My family moved a lot during my childhood and I changed school a lot for some other reason (not for the bad reason if you wondering). So it is understandable if I can't remember all my friend I been with together during the school. It is nice for them to still remember me when we bump onto each other.

10. I was in accident twice in my entire life. One is when I was at the age of 9. I was hit by a motorbike when I was trying to cross the road. The next thing I knew was I am in the clinic. Luckily the biker did not hit and run me or I might end up with serious injury. The other one was a car accident and I was the passenger. How lucky for me that the other car hit directly at my door. However, I was not injured at all but the door was totaled.

11. When I was young, my skin used to be fairer. So people sometimes mistaken me for Chinese and start talking in Cantonese/Mandarin until I said I'm not. Now due to sun 'bleaching' I turned darker. Still, my English has Chinese accent in it.

12. I kissed guy before but I didn't felt weird about it. This is because my family adapt the French custom where we kiss each other hello and good bye. I only do that to my mom and dad and not my brother. That I feel weird. Hahaha.

13. I must sleep with four pillow or more. It is not that I will use it all but I just need it to be by my side when I am sleeping. I find sleeping with one pillow is very uncomfortable and it is hard for me to fall asleep. I, myself don't even know why.

14. I do have a lot of secret. Whether it is my secrets or somebody else secrets. I am good at keeping secret. That is why I noticed a lot of people like to tell me about theirs. They trust me I guess. I believe I helped them by unburden their thoughts and feelings they need to express.

15. My brain is like a computer. Seriously. I process a lot of data at the same time and sometimes due to the limited space and capacity of my brain, I will normally delete it from my system. Don't asked me how I do it. I just can't explain it.

16. I smile a lot. Sometime I smile until it hurts my jaw. But I am not good at keeping my emotion to myself. So normally people will know if I am angry or sad or happy.

17. I played music based on my mood. So you know what my feelings would be if you listen to my music selection. I will normally listen to the same song over and over again until my mood is change back. Normally that could take up  for weeks to several months.

18. If I am not happy, I will drive to the city and just hang around the shopping complex. Usually I will just go alone but occasionally I will asked my friends if they like to tag along with me. Being alone walking in the shopping mall make me forgot about why I am not happy in the first place.

19. I rarely go out from my room. Sometimes I can just stayed in my room for the whole day without eating or drinking. So my parents always try to drag me out from my room most of the time by asking me to do few sort of works. What I do in my room? Normally, I would just lie down and think a lot. Other than that I also will just go online on the the internet and just browsing from website to website.

20. I think I am a nice person. Every time I go out with my friends, I will make sure that I'd pay the bills. It makes me feel awkward if my friends were to paid for the bills. I also mostly will spend more money on my friends compare to myself when we went out shopping. It is just my nature.

21. I'll cry sometimes. I'll cry when listening to sad song, movies or just when I feel emotional myself while thinking of something. It still doesn't make me less of a man. Perhaps, I am just those sensitive type of guy.

22. I tend to help people a lot. I helped the with almost everything and anything. Well, if it still nothing to do against the law. When I do help, I'll make sure they get all the things or information they needed until they satisfied or happy with it. 

23. I am more to chatting (via YM, emails, SMSes sort of things) kind of person rather than call to speak to people. So don't get angry if I rarely call. However, if I need to get things done soonest possible, I will still call. I find that when I talk to customer service or something/someone related to it, I always have my way of getting everything I want from them no matter what the issue. So my mom especially will always use me when see need me to communicate with them. 

That's all about me I guess. Actually there is more that I didn't put it in here. There a reason for it I didn't put it. If you really want to know more, hang out with me more often and perhaps just perhaps I will tell. >.<

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Brisbane And Gold Coast Trip Part 2

Day 6

The weather was bad today. I knew it since yesterday looking from the weather forecast through my phone. It's a cold front and nothing I can do to stop it. Ignatius was supposed to fly today but judging from the weather it is obvious his flight had to be cancelled.

Lucky for us Billy has a car, so he picked us up for lunch at the town. Otherwise we would starved to death. The meals were cheap as they were selling it for 50% off. So we ordered quite a large amount of food to fill our stomach.

Since it is going to be raining and wet we decided to just stay at home watching movie. Seriously, Australia has a lot of channels but none of it is interesting or watchable (during day time). Luckily I brought along my hard disk so we could watched the movie I have on it. Times goes by quite fast when you are watching something nice. By the time the movie finished, it was almost time for dinner.

Still both of them decided to played pool to kill the time. I don't really played that game. So I just watched them being beat up by some not-so-armature player when they agreed to duel. It was cool hanging out at the bar as I sit playing with my phone waiting for the game to finish.

They decided to utilized the membership card they had and we all went to the casino. This time located at Surfers Paradise. A little bit nearer from home. The meal was awesomely cheap and delicious. We all had the same meal as it really does look that tempting from the picture display. We were not disappointed.

Day 7

Well what did I do today? I was so lazy to go out. It cold okay. Nobody seem to be at home so I decided to tidy up the house a little bit. At least I could kill some time.

So we head up by bus to Billy's house later a bit in the afternoon. The plan was to watched movie at the cinema at Australia Fair Shopping Centre.

Since the bus stopped directly at the Robina Town Centre so why not kill some time at the mall. The movie starting at 920pm and we still had plenty of time to walked around.

The cinema was really cool. It is my first time to see the cinema with it's own unique design. Like example, you practically picked your own snacks and drinks and then only pay at the counter or the seating is free seating so you virtually pick your desire seat or they have arcade for people to kill time before their movie start (Ok, The arcade maybe owned by different company and so happened to be next to the cinema.)

It was late and since everybody were tired, we headed to Billy's house and crashed there for the night.

Day 8

Again, all planned keep changing at the last minute. It always like that. But I guess I am getting used to it already by now. The initial idea was to go to Dreamworld. However, the planned was cancelled and everybody woke up really late today.

So I thought maybe I just go somewhere by myself for today. I did bought a lot of chocolates for me to bring back home. I only going to eat one bar (promise) and the rest will be distributed to my friends and families when I'm back home. It insanely cheap. So I grabbed a lot and looking at it the weight of it was almost 15kg.

I took the bus home to Coolangatta. I don't want to walked around with all the chocolates on my hand. I got free bus ride because the machine was broken. *Sweet*. They journey home took about 50 minutes and I almost fell asleep when a lady woke me up wondering if I missed my stop. I didn't.

I went up again to Point Danger. It is quite far but its was worth the journey. The scenery always made me calm and relax allowing me to forget about the things I was bothered with. Stayed for two hours before I started my 35 minutes cycled back to the house.

It was a silent night for me as I ate my dinner and went straight to bed.

Day 9

Ignatius was having class again today. So again I just chilled out at the house watching movie and packed a little bit. After all, I am here to relax.

He finished his class at three o'clock. I needed to buy some fruits to bring home to my mom. So he accompanied me cycle to the town. It was a 30 minutes ride. But of course since it is winter, I didn't felt the heat much.

Also again it was his turn to cooked for his house mates. Mamak mee and Chinese rice noodle for dinner I guess. Am I right?

The night went uneventfully.

Day 10

It is my last day here in Gold Coast. The time fly by so fast. I felt I was just yesterday I arrived here and now I had to packed my back to go home. Back to Malaysia. I do wish I could stay longer here. It is so peaceful and relaxing. Still, I had to work soon.

The day started when Billy's mom picked us up for lunch at Sunnybank. I can say it is an Asian territory. The majority of people there is Asian. Only 10% probably non-Asian in the area.

Soon after we all headed to Billy's house in Brisbane. He need to fixed up the new bed. Everything is DIY. It took us almost two hours to complete it. It was tiring but fun. Just like playing puzzle.

Dinner was next in planned. The whole of Billy's family was there as well. It was a big Chinese dinner with lots of food. I felt like vomiting due to amount of food goes through my stomach.

It was almost time for me to checked in at the airport. So right after dinner, me, Billy, Billy's mom and Ignatius headed to the airport. The checked in was at breeze. It wasn't long until the announcement was made calling all the passenger to board the aircraft.

I bid Australia good bye again for one more time.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Brisbane And Gold Coast Trip Part 1

Travel Date: 5th August 2010 - 14th August 2010

I told myself that I need a break after everything settled with my medical. I wanted to come earlier but the company wanted me for some work and meeting. After all I just got back my licence. So they need to discuss back with me on all the work schedule and planing.

So here I am flying away for my breakaway on Thursday to the Down Under, the city full with beaches and beautiful scenery all around. It is winter right now over there. Yes. Winter over Brisbane and Gold Coast. I was so happy when I reached there. It been awhile since I last fly to Brisbane. I normally would fly to Melbourne for my breakaway. I wanted some change of scenery this time. Something better and nicer.

Day 1

My flight from Kuala Lumpur departed at 0900hr and with layover at Sydney, I arrived a bit late in the night at Brisbane. To be exact I arrived at 2145hr. The two hours time difference makes me feel the flight is longer than it supposed to. Ignatius and Billy were there at the arrival hall waiting for me.

There is nothing much I can do once I arrived at Brisbane but to head straight to Coolangatta where my final destination would be. The journey took me another 1:30 hours by Billy's car. He was kind enough to picked me up at the airport and drove all the way to Gold Coast. Otherwise, I would had to rent a car. I was tired but still I wish I could stay awake for as long as I can and enjoy the view.

Day 2

I was sleeping like a log. Dead tired from the flight I guess. However, we still woke up early and Billy picked us up for breakfast/lunch. So we all headed to Robina Town Centre to grab grilled burger. It was deliciously huge. I almost could not finish the whole thing. Australian do eat larger portion of meal compare Asian I guess.

It was pretty nothing much that we going to do today. So we just walked around the mall after I got myself a new Australia number for my phone. I can die without internet. So I definitely need one for my stay.

We all hang out at Billy's place waiting for the night to come. Ignatius wanted to go to the so called 'Pasar Malam' at Surfers Paradise. I told him there is no such thing as Night Market here in Australia. The only market I know is Flee Market. Blek :P. So we all went to there and I was correct. Since he long time didn't go to Night Market, this was the next best thing. Don't worry Ignatius, you are coming back to Malaysia soon and you could go to all the Night Markets you want.

Hang out at the game arcade - Timezone. The place is huge and it opens until late (I think). Nah, we didn't play anything there. It is quite expensive (for me) per game and I don't really play games anymore. So we hang around to kill the hour before headed to Billy's house for overnight. It is quite far to drive back to Coolangatta.

Day 3

Today planned was to go to the beach. I know I know its winter right now. We didn't go to Gold Coast beach but further south entering the New South Wales state. The location is Byron's Bay. Wait. I think the idea was to use the coupon for lunch right? Anyway, the drive is almost an hour from Coolangatta. It a long drive. Australia is huge I can say this to you all.

The beach is so cool. A lot of people actually at the beach even though it is in the afternoon and freaking cold. So after lunch, we decided for a little sun tanning. Ok. Sun tan first then only apply the sun block. The result: dark colour skin. So clever.

Oh ya. We swam too. Don't asked about the water temperature. Just know it is so damn cold. Swimming and shivering at the same time. Funny.

We decided this beach was not enough. Wah. Go to naked beach. Well. Sort of. I mean it is winter right? Who want to go all bare in this kind of weather. Awww. My little heart was disappointed a little bit actually. Oh well, let play with seashells.

Go home to Billy's house for a nap. Tonight we going to drive up to Brisbane for party. "It's Saturday night. It's party night." OMG. Getting ready for clubbing was like getting ready for model shooting. After an hour only we all ready to go. 'Kalah pompuan'.

I was excited to go clubbing this time. Ya lar. It almost a year (I think) since I last when to club. I need to chill a little bit. The club is huge with four dance floor, I can practically choose which DJ play the best mix. It located somewhere lar in Brisbane (short term memory lost already). The whole row full with club house. You can pick which one you like the most.

Since it already late at night. We all stayed at the hotel. Tomorrow is time to explore Brisbane.

Day 4

I felt so lazy to wake up from my sleep. so little sleep time we had. But if I didn't woke up, I'm gonna miss exploring the city. Everything closed early here. So I need to get up and out before the shop is closed.

We had our brunch at the food court near the hotel. Again the amount of food they gave us were a lot. I had Nasi Briyani and I can't finish it all again. Just think it is for two people instead of one.

So today we went to the casino. Ignatius wanted to get himself the membership card. It is free and members will get discounted meal. I don't want to do it as I am not going to stay there long. Just hang out at the casino area for awhile. I never been into one before. So I was kinda amazed with the slot machine and the poker table and the everything lah.

EKKA was the next agenda. It is actually a carnival. A huge one to be exact. They have fun fair, animal exhibits, bike show, stuff to buy and lots more. I can't remember all already. Still like any carnival, all the games must be paid separately. The entry fee was so darn expensive. Well, I am already there so might as well just go and had some fun. We just walked around the area taking a lots of pictures. What else can we do?

It was getting late so we headed back to the hotel and packed our things. Grabbed some dinner before going back to Gold Coast. Billy will be staying at Brisbane as he is having class on the next day. So it just me and Ignatius riding the train back all the way to Robina before transfered to a bus to Coolangatta. The journey took us almost 3 hours to reach our final destination. 

Day 5

Ignatius was having class today. He showed me his school. So while waiting for his class to finished, I walked around the airport area and took some pictures. I found a lake right next to the airport and stayed there until it almost time for the class to finish. It was really peaceful there as I sat thinking of my future.

After that me and him were headed to Point Danger. It a beach located near Tweed Heads. The scenery as always was beautiful. Chilling out there until almost sunset before heading to the supermarket to buy some stuff for the house. He need to cook for the house mates today. So we headed back home as soon as we finish our groceries shopping.