Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Facebook Addict

Do not panic my friends. If you noticed, I no longer in your friend list but I did not delete nor remove you. So please don't take it personally or angry at me. There is absolutely nothing to worry about. I just no longer a Facebook user. Thats all.

I been a Facebook addict and I decided to just stop myself from Facebook as of yesterday. How I handle it so far? Pretty bad I guess. I just can't stop thinking about what going on in Facebook. What are the status my friend's put on or any new photos or good videos I could watch? The feeling suck. Really Facebook is addictive like the internet but at least I could do my works with internet.

Will this be the end of my Facebook network? Maybe yes. Maybe no. However for now, I just need to live life before Facebook ever exist. So if anyone want to reach me or know my current status, you know where to find me right?


W. Hidney said...

i can live without FB, but can FB live without me? thats the problem

AmeZac said...

W.Hidney: that can be a problem.. Hmm..

aidie said...

hey! just quit fb recently. it was done unwillingly but i have no choice. tot that i can't survive but after a i week just realize that i can focus better in my life without fb..agree??