Saturday, June 4, 2011

Maybank iPad2 Event

It was Tuesday and it was my off day. The initial idea was just to go the the bank to settle some stuff at Pavilion. Yes I go to Maybank Pavilion since I can straight chill after that.

So while I was wondering around the mall I noticed something interesting. The queue was long so I didn't bother to asked what it was about. It started at around 6pm. By the look of it people would already figure it out what it was all about. It was a private event by Maybank and they did it at Godiva.

Then I told myself "Hey, I am Maybank customer, why am I not invited for this event". Probably they did but I was too busy to noticed it. Hahaha. I already ordered one for myself through online. Yeah I wanted this baby too. The iPad2. Since Malaysia always seem to be low in shortage, I had to order it online.

It already 745pm and the queue is still long but not as long as earlier. I decided to approach the counter and asked what it was about. The lady just inform me I can still buy it if I am a Maybank credit card holder. Sweet! I just straight away took out my card and register for it. The next thing I know I was given my invoice for my iPad already

The best part for it is I don't have to line up. I was told to just come back before the event end. How cool was that? No queue. True enough when I came back all I need to do is just pay for it.

Maybank and in calibration with epicentre Pavilion offered some door gift as well. It came with a free screen protector, RM20 cash voucher for purchase at epicentre, RM88 iPad training and epicentre membership which give 10% discount on 3rd party product. Oh ya, I forgot to mention about the free drinks and chocolates too served by Godiva.

I have my iPad. I've done the screen protector (free service by epicentre) and I used up the RM20 voucher to buy the iPad casing.

Everything is complete.

P/S: I cancelled the online purchase immediately after. For info, your credit card will be still be charged for a merchant fee regardless even if the amount is charge in RM when you purchase apple online. The charges are from the bank and not apple. Such a rip off.