Saturday, June 26, 2010

TM Customer Service GOOD But Internet Still Suck

Haiya. Why this week my internet got problem. I was only been gone for a week and my brother complain to me the internet was sucky for almost all the time. I call edi them about it last week and I thought they going to fix it. After all normally nothing one. Just reset and everything ok one.

So cannot be. I call them again. Talk to the nice girl on the phone. She said cannot do. I need to be transferred to Level 2. Fuyoo. So canggih. Got so many level. Ok lar. Wait wait for the other girl to answer me. Very fast answer. Said cannot reset already. I told no point do the reset edi. I don't want to keep complaining. Sent someone please. Thank you.

One hour later, serviceman came. Fuyoo. So fast. Hahahaa. Ok. He tested the line from my house and confirmed something wrong [DL:568kbps only]. See I told you the internet was sucks. Now you believe me right. So he got to do some checking at the office. Something to do with port setting or something. Wo pu che tau.

He called me back later in the evening said that he can't do it and will do it again tomorrow. Ok. Anything will do. As long I get my internet speed to 4MB back. If not, I accept your offer to give me the 5MB for free no problem.

Today, the girl, the Level 2 one called me and asked about my internet. Very efficient right? Still suck lor I told her. I print screen the result and email it to her and see if they can fix it. So now wait lor Monday for them to fix it. Sunday nobody working what. Die die live with slow internet like tortoise.



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