Wednesday, April 20, 2016

When the House Auctioned

It's scary to see so many properties are on auction. It seem that our lives are getting harder and harder day by day. 

Where do you go without a roof? I always feel sympathetic to owner who are unable to pay their debt for their home. There really nothing I could do about it. 

Yes. The said property will be offered by the bank at a very low under value price. Sometimes I wonder if the sales would actually covers the total debt. I hope it does. 

Unfortunate it is, the bank still require the debt to be paid and surely the more fortunate people will show their interest to the said property. I myself do like to expend my properties portfolio but when it come to purchasing an auction property, I look for non reside tenant. 


Simply because I don't feel right getting the property by force when the owner still living in it. How do you tell that the home they are living in no longer their and they must pack their stuff and leave. It is never easy. Never. 

Would you be able to face the more aggressive owner with sharp weapon pointing at you screaming and guarding their last hope of home while the wife and kids crying and begging. Would you?

Life definitely getting harder and harder. Spend wisely. For me, priority to be given for a home for shelter and food. Basic necessities for survival. 


Saturday, April 9, 2016

Messy Messy

Right now I am currently having a headache cleaning up my place. So many things to do. The problem started since I moved in six months ago and until now I have not completely finish cleaning and clearing the boxes.

Imagine few boxes just laying under the stairs. Such a sore sight. Unfortunately for me too, my place is lack of wardrobe to kerp all those stuff. Headache!

Tomorrow perhaps I am going to start throwing out any unwanted stuff to reduce the clutterness. Don't let me start with the dusk. The house generating dusk. Zzzzz.....

Here are some photos of my uncomplete home. Yes of course I am good at covering the unpleasent boxes from eye sight.

Saturday, March 26, 2016


It has been awhile since I last blog. In fact I think it is already more than a year. 

Life been busy these day. I have so many things I need to do in short period of time. If only we could slower the time a little bit that would be great. I would briefly let you know what I was up to these few months with my life. Let's make it from August 2015 until now, March 2016. 

First of all, I was hospitalised for few days due to minor operation on my neck. Otherwise my health has been great. Not that I am saying the problem from my neck was an issue. There was no pain but a necessary operation to remove a small lump as requested by company doctor. Gladly obliged as fully paid by company for the procedure. 

Next, was the change over company. Nothing much to say here. All was well. Same organisation just different company name. 

September was my birthday. Yay! Congratulations to me for getting a year older. I didn't go out and celebrate. I guess as we got older, our need changed. So I was just around relaxing. Plus, I was moving house on this month. Everything was in rush. My new place located near my workplace but far from everything else. Up to now, I have not fully unpacked yet my boxes. Mainly due to lack of fund to do the renovations and buying the furnitures. 

October to December. I did travel to few places namely Sandakan (Malaysia), Siem Reap (Cambodia) and Phuket (Thailand). I won a contest from Maybank for 4D3N stay at Anantara Mai Kao Phuket and I was lucky enough to able to book the room on my intended dates. Everything works out great. 

Let see now, what did I do on January? Oh ya. I was temporary transferred to Istanbul (Turkey) for two months. It was fun. To be able to work/travel from Istanbul. I was able to travel to new places and also experienced -20C of temperature. Unfortunately for me I was unwell for a month due to a bug. I have no idea what it was but I was really on and off under the radar for quite awhile. 

Then come to March. Since my mom birthday is next month, she been forcing me to get my house nice and ready before her birthday as she wish to held her birthday celebration there. So I had again rush all home improvement before the deadline. Bought some additional furnitures and planned for kitchen renovation. We shall see how it goes.  Hope everything would go as planned. 

So roughly that would be my life for the last eight months. Until next update then.