Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Thinking Ahead

I think it is my nature of life that I like to think ahead of time. I been told so many time by so many people by this "problem" I am having and I need to stop doing it. It create unnecessary stress.

Thinking is good for the brain. It stimulate it and thus let you develop it so you won't be so dumb in the future. My very own personal idea that is. However, if thinking too much, I think your brain will become overload and someday will just "boom" - explode.

I been thinking that might be happening to me right now. See, I am thinking again. So I have to reduce the way of my daily thoughts and just limit it to just up to the current or present day. In another word, I must not think too far ahead for something that I won't know if it will be happening or not. Just the present will be enough. Five years or two years future have to wait. What matter now is the present.

You see, I have always been taught of thinking twice ahead. I also been taught of thinking for the worst case scenario. So it is my nature to burden myself with all the unwanted stress for this just reason. I don't know why but it is fact of me.

So now I will try and try and try to unthinking. If that doesn't work? How to stop thinking? Hmm.. Think.

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