Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Year 2013 [Review]

The year 2013 is over now. So did I made it? Honestly no but here are my review. 


01. Travel with 10 different airlines. - I only travelled with Thai Airways and Jetstar this year apart from the usual Malaysia Airlines. 
02. Travel to 15 new cities (excluding home country) around the world. - Oh boy. I did been travelling a lot. Let see now. Phnom Penh (Cambodia), Los Angeles (USA), Las Vegas (USA), Phoenix (USA), San Diego (USA), Palm Springs (USA), Kingman (USA), Yuma (USA), Victorville (USA), Osaka (Japan), Hatyai (Thailand) and Macau (China). So 12 out of 15. Pretty good. 
03. Travel and stay at 10 new cities around Malaysia. - I didn't get chance to travel locally much. So I only managed to travel to Malacca, Johor Bharu and Negeri Sembilan. The southern Malaysia. 
04. Travel to North America and South America. - The North America checked for USA. 
05. Bring my mom to 5 new cities (excluding home country) around the world. - I brought her to Osaka, Phnom Penh, Hatyai, Macau and Singapore. Yay! 
06. Bring my mom to 5 cities around Malaysia. - Just the three cities/states as per no. 03. 
07. Travel on a cruise ship. - Still no chance. 
08. Visit Disneyland Los Angeles, Disneyland Orlando and Disneyland Tokyo. - Disneyland Los Angeles checked. 


01. Pay off credit card debt. - Honestly I did paid it off but having a credit card mean you'll end up spending again. At least now I am only using two cards instead of five. 
02. Limit credit card to 4 only at one time. - Credit cards still a lot but only using two cards. A good achievement. 
03. Limit spending on credit card. - Partially. 
04. Limit monthly spending to RM1000. - So dead. 
05. Invest RM25000 to investment. - Checked. 
06. Invest in 2 new properties. - More than 2 properties checked. 
07. Target for business sale of RM25000 with profit of 25%. - Unfortunately I wasn't concentrating on sales but I did made quite a sale. 
08. Donate more to those who needed. - Done 
09. Save money to buy car next year. - Changed my mind and spending more into investment. 
10. Save money to renovate house by mid year. - Can't wait. 


01. Go out at least once a month with friends. - I do believe I did. Maybe not with all my friends but at least some. 


01. Move to a new house. - The house is still under construction unfortunately. Hopefully will be ready by mid 2014. 


01. Lose 15kgs. - I'm joking myself on this. 
02. Go to gym at least 5 times per month. - I tried but on average only managed to cover 3-4 per month. 
03. Eat fast food only twice or less a month. - Failed badly. 
04. Eat less sweet food. - I am still fat. 


01. Work harder. - Wohoo! 
02. Be more knowledgeable. - I think I am now a little. 
03. Learn 1 new language. - Failed badly.

Monday, January 6, 2014

It's New Year Already

It has been so long since I last update my blog. Well, I just been so busy with everything. However, I have decided to try my best to update this blog regularly.

The year started great. It was awesome actually. I do hope it will last forever. My new year surprised was a gift from a great friend of mine. It was really unexpected and I can say it's really an expensive gift. Literally in shock. I guess that's why we called it a surprised. 

It's Louis Vuitton!

So now I'm in Melbourne. Is Cherry season. Yay! 

I was browsing at the Harvey Norman and spotted the capsule holder for my coffee machine and decided to buy it. The great surprised was the sales guy gave me 12 boxes of capsule for free. Freeeee! 

It was really unexpected. I'm a happy boy indeed. So far my 2014 has been good and great. Just waiting for it to get more awesome anytime soon.