Monday, December 28, 2009

My Year 2010 Target

Every year people will try to create a target for them to achieve for the following year. I, myself will do it every year even though not all of the plan will go well. The thing to it is that we have something to keep us going and move forward. Otherwise, we all will end up going backward instead with our life. Do correct me if I am wrong but this is just my opinion.

Here are my list of target which I will try to achieve if not all perhaps some of it will also do:

1. Complete my training. As most of you know, I am currently undergoing conversion training right now. However, due to some unforeseen circumstances I am not able to complete it yet. My target is to finish it by June 2010.

2. Stay healthy all the time. I might not be able to achieve this instantly as it depend entirely on my body to heal. As for now, my target is to stay healthy when ever I can and try to do a bit more of exercises based on my body limitation. I can't overexert or I might make the condition worst. This would be an ongoing target for me.

3. Buy a new car. I was thinking about this for quite sometime already. However, a lot of things been stopping me from achieving it. My dream car for now is Mazda6. It could change depending on the current situation. I might get something near or similar to the original car if I did not manage to get one. My target is to buy the car by September 2010. All depend on my financial situation as well.

4. Obtain World Mastercard and Visa Infinite credit card. I have been planning to get this two cards the moment I saw it on the internet. I just can't resist on having both of the cards. It is not because of the privileges that attract me but more on the design itself. I have been trying to call the bank to help me by reducing the criteria but still no avail to it. They said it a strict regulation from the BNM but I would think otherwise. My target is to get both of the cards by mid August 2010.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Guest House For The Guest

My family house is located very far from the city. More often than not, people who came here had to drove for almost two hours just to get to this place.

So my family and I decided that we should do something about it. Since our house cannot accommodate a whole new family, we bought a new house where we use it as our Guest House. This time when friends and relatives come for a visit, they no longer need to go back on the same day. They could plan for a night or two and stay here at the Guest House.

Its a simple house located just three minutes away by car from my family house. It has a lake view and the best part is our house is actually minutes away from the beach. More reason for us to ask our guest to stay so they could relax and have fun either at the beach or at the lake.

To all my friends, be sure to bring that extra clothes for you to wear when you come to my house. I am sure you going to enjoy it here at my place.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Change Of Content In My Wardrobe

I definitely need to change everything I have at the moment to something new. Perhaps I will put it as must To-Do list for next year. I think my wardrobe is dull. Everything I have at the moment is considered outdated already. As for my old clothes, I will donate it to the needy. It will definitely do more help for them. It is the least I can do.

Well, now I need to calculate my budget for the wardrobe. I am pretty sure it going to cost me a fortune. So time to save up some money and hopefully there will be sales next year. For at least I could get the apparels for a lesser cost.

Hmm. Now I also need to find a Personal Shopper who can tag along and help me choose the correct attire to buy. Someone who really good at this buying stuff. If I were to go myself, I will choose to buy based on quantity and not quality. Anything that looked nice to me and cheap I will definitely grab it fast. This time I would go for something smart but yet casual. Anyone free and interested perhaps? =D

Friday, December 25, 2009

Going Place Around The World

This would be a summary on places I had been for the year 2009. I just want to post it up as a reminder for myself as well because I am such a forgetful person.

1. Hong Kong

This would be my first visit to Hong Kong. Believe it or not, somehow I manage to understand every word the people talks. I guess it all because of my "passion" toward Hong Kong film made me learn their language - Cantonese.

It was an enjoyable trip as I got upgraded to Suite room. Perhaps I was lucky that day. Hong Kong has easy access to places around just by using their public transport. It is all connected. What I love the most is the ferry trip at night with the skyscrapers lighted with colourful lights. They call it A Symphony of Lights. It was nicely done.

Shopping was fun, however you have to be good at bargain especially at their markets as the mock up price can be high. The shopping district is just a stone away from all their trains and trams station. It sure is convenience.

Places of interest in Hong Kong just to name a few is the Disneyland and The Peak.

More Info @ Discover HongKong

2. Phuket Island

Phuket Island is located south of Thailand. It is a very beautiful and relaxing place to be. The people are nice but you have to be careful with scammers. They lurk everywhere. It a place to unwind with their beautiful beaches and a lots of place for a good massage. It is cheap also.

There are a lot of fake items being sold along the beach. Be sure to bargain for a good deal if you want to buy it. What I still like the most is the beach. I stayed at The Royal Palm Beach Front which located exactly in front of the beach and easy access to food shop. The cost of staying is cheap as I got a good deal with them. Don't worry, you will definitely fall in love with the room and not going to regret it.

I booked for tours when I was in Phuket Island myself. It easy and the good thing is I get a very good deal on everything. So why not try that White Water Rafting at Phang Nga or Phuket Fantasea for a cultural show or Dive In at Coral Island.

A trip I recommend for all my friends.

More Info @ Asia Web: Phuket

3. Bangkok

The city never dies. The people are so friendly and their culture are so vast. It's hard to describe how good to be at Bangkok. I took the river cruises and borrowed a bicycle for free for the tour around the city. A lot of temples and a lot of museums to visit.

The easy way to travel around Bangkok is via their MRT. It is cheap and convenient too. I went to Siam Paragon whereby their largest by far I ever seen in Bangkok. The ambiance look more or less like Pavilion, KL but its three times better. What to do there? Shopping with Tourist Discount and movies at IMAX and Cinema. Superbly high class experience.

The night is always young in Bangkok. Place to go is Patpong night market. Here you can virtually bargain for the maximum lowest price you can imagine of. If you fail, there are plenty other vendors selling the same thing. You can try your luck else where. One thing also, Patpong is famous with their night life. That is why it is called the red light district. Lots and lots of go go bar there. If you are not interested, be firm when saying NO to them.

4. Melbourne

The one city where I will never miss to go every year. I have no idea why I love this city very much. Perhaps it is because of their people or perhaps I just like the way of living there.

If anyone were to ask me on places to go, I would say Melbourne. I had been in all their season, Fall, Winter, Summer, Spring. You named it. There are a lot of place to visit at Melbourne but I normally go there to relax and shop. The price is cheap I say as most of the items sold came direct from the factory.

Once I did a crazy thing by going there and stay for just two nights. What I do? Movie and Clubbing. Crazy huh?

More Info @ Visit Melbourne

5. Coming Soon: Singapore

Post Scriptum: All pictures were taken by me personally. 

Season Greetings

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hospitalization In And Out

So far I had been admitted to a lot of hospital this year. I have been sick for quite sometime and currently still undergoing treatment to stay well. Just to name a few, I had been into Pantai Hospital, Sunway Medical Centre, Sime Darby Medical Centre and Assunta Hospital.

It is not a nice feeling to be sick but like it or not I had to endure it. Sometimes I do wonder if I was tested by god. Sometimes I just feel like HE can just take my life if HE wants to as I can no longer able to handle the suffering.

So far out of all the hospital, I believe the best hospital for me is Assunta Hospital. In term of the Doctors, the Nurses and the medical treatment, Assunta provided the best yet so far toward its patient. This not to promote the hospital but what the doctor can do (and not from other hospital) is that she is the only one who checks me thoroughly and found the lying cause of my sickness. For at least there is hoped to treat me.

I am still in recovering mode and once or twice in fortnight, I need to go to the hospital to have my blood check and for the doctor to assess my condition. I am on medical leave for three months and perhaps more if the problem has not been solve by then.

So help pray for my speedy recovery as I really want to enjoy back my life and go to work.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Turnaround Havoc

I think a lot of people might be wondering what happened when the plane come to a stop at the gate and then off again they go to other destination just like that. Well a lot of things happen during this few minutes of time and I shall share it to you about it. Just think like the reporter did on the CNN channel if you watched one.

Let see the turnaround time given under normal circumstances for a Boeing 737 is 30 minutes to 45 minutes. I mean the more time given the better but the more time the plane sit on the ground the more money it will lose. I shall introduce to you the people behind the scene.

1. Pilot
As you all know pilot normally will just sit around and do nothing until the very last minutes of it. Just kidding. Basically, as a pilot there are a lot of thing need to be done. Not limiting from preparing the flight for the departure (both paper and computer), ground check and checking any new (defect) procedures. A good pilot only need 20 minutes to prepare the cockpit. So the balance time he will use to mingle around with the cabin crew or ground staff. Kidding again. An average pilot will need all the time he can get to prepare the cockpit. My record was 7 minutes as I know what things need to be done already. (Sometimes also we act like we busy so the passenger would thought we are actually busy). Shh... Don't tell anyone. =D

2. Cabin Crew
They will be making sure that all the passenger from the previous flight had gone out from the aircraft. Right after that, they will ensure the newspaper are been put together for the next passengers. They will also again check the water level for the lavatory and the safety items in correct position. And of course they help serve us our meal in the mean time. Very nice of them to do so.

3. Engineers
They will come and check if the aircraft have any defect. Not the old one but the new defect.. We all flying a rather old aircraft. so we can aspect to fly with some problems along the way. Most of the time they can fix it and if they can't they will differ it to the other log book. With this we will had to fly with some minor adjustment. Don't worry. The aircraft is totally safe. Otherwise we won't fly it in the first place.

4. Mechanics
Their job is to assist the engineer. They will do the refueling monitoring and also assist on the tow truck. The new guys (trainees) sometimes come and help at the bay to learn on the procedures.

5. Catering
The minutes the last passenger came out, they will open the other door and start loading the aircraft with some new meal and stuff for the next flight. They only got like 7 minutes to have it done so they really do it fast. The cart are ready. All they need to do is just drag it in and replace the old one with the new one. Both the front and also the back galley. The leading steward/dess will then sign the paper accepting the meal.

6. Ground Staff
Their job is to try to get the plane go on time. Sometime we are not ready to accept the passenger due to small stuff like catering and cleaning. The good thing is we have what we call as precision boarding. 20 minutes before departure we will start the boarding no matter what. Otherwise we need to write in the reason and sometime we had enforced it to make sure we go by the rules.

7. Cleaner
Straight forward. They clean the cabin. Usually we had like 5 of them. Got one day I saw like 15 of them cleaning the aircraft. I guess they really free and got no other aircraft to clean. That is why they all come and partying at our aircraft.. They do everything fast.. Vacuum, sweeping, wiping and everything fast. In just few minutes the aircraft is clean and ready to go again. Fuyoo.

8. Cargo Loader
They load the cargo.

9. Security
Keep and eye on everyone. Scared something got stolen or went missing from the passengers. Who know right? So this guy job is to monitor people.

10. Load-sheeter
This guy job is to calculate the load distribution all over the aircraft. We don't want it to be heavy at one side. It is not good. You might heard about aircraft failing to take off just because they did the arrangement of the cargo wrongly. Well this guy will balance the weight so we will eventually get airborne in the air without any problem due to the weight.

11. Tug Driver
Lastly, we are ready to go. Off we go being push back by the tug driver. We don't have side mirror. That is why we need them to push us back. Just kidding. The aircraft can only move forward because we only have forward thrust. Too complicated to explain. But the thing is, we need this guy to push us back so we can go forward and eventually fly away to our destination.....

If your flight is delayed, be patient. Everyone is doing their very best to make you arrive at your destination safely. Remember, there is a reason for every delay and if they need to change the aircraft, the whole cycle need to be repeat again.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My First Business Class Ticket

Look! Look! My very first Business Class ticket. Just bought it yesterday. Can't wait to utilise it. I know. I know. People been travelling on Business Class so often now but this would be my first paid ticket by me. That's why it is so unique.

I will be going to Kota Kinabalu next month. So, I been dying to try out the seat and the service. Yes, I been on Business Class before but that one is given by the company. Totally different. The feeling of buying own ticket makes me excited and happy.

Monday, December 21, 2009

The Quality of Malaysia Public Transportation

There been a lot of complaint regarding the quality of the public transport in Malaysia. In this post, I will narrow to the KL location. However, I still believe all other places also experiencing the same problem.

What cause the problem? Some said it is lag on general planning. Others might said there is not enough budget to accommodate the current public usage on the service. Be it the LRT, KTM Komuter, Bus or Taxi, the problem need to be solve from it root.

Presently, the government is not doing sufficient job in helping the company affected. Also, the relevant company did not fully plan the infrastructure of the service at all. You see, setting up and planning take a lot of work. I can't compare much apart from my experience while playing Transport Giant, I learn a lot of thing.

1. Location. For bus stop example. The location of the stop must be strategically place to ensure the passanger will have easy excess to it. If it is in the middle on of a busy road, it will affect other traffic and cause a massive traffic jam. It also must be located where the residential or/and commercial area is the greatest need. Yes, you need a lot of stops so people don't have to walk very far to find one.

2. Route. Selecting routes are reason the volume of passenger to be good or bad. Different people want to go to different for it origin location. By making stop at places of interest, it will help maximise the route usage.

3. Fare. So far the fare is acceptable for Malaysia in comparison with other country. However, it would fair if there is promotion for regular commuter to pay a lot lesser. This will help to reduce the volume of traffic on the road and also help promote people to use public transport as mode of transportation. One flaw noted so far is only the KLIA Express and Transit. The fare is over exaggerate.

4. Condition of carriage. With the growth of population in Malaysia, it only fair if the carriage to be change/increase to accept a larger amount of passenger. Take Singapore for example, their MRT is big enough that people do not have to cramp like sardine inside. It is time for this change to be made. People want to have a comfortable environment. Poor maintain of carriage is a no no. Refer: SMRT Singapore

5. Time. Stick to the schedule. If it is set for 10 minute interval make it happen. Don't promise thing that can't be kept. The idea is so people can plan on their journey wisely and have a lot more faith while using public transport. Traffic jam is normal everywhere but it does not serve as an excuse to not be punctual. A very good example is Australia. Malaysia should learn from their experience. Refer: Metlink Melbourne

There are a lot things to be talk about in term of public transportation problem. If no action were taken to sort this out, more and more people will simply use their own car as a mode of transportation.

Post Scriptum: I stop using public transportation after having bad experience from it. I shall continue doing so until improvement is made.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Do You Believe In Black Magic?

Sometime I wonder if this kind of magic exist in real world. I know supernatural things like the one we can't see do co-exist with us human. I notice that there are a lot of people wanting to hurt his friends or his family or his relative or anyone he/she doesn't like simply by going to a medium.

I learned from interviewing a wise man that normally this people will pay a sum of money to make it work. The amount is define by the medium himself. More often than not specific item will be require to make it work.

The medium will then use his unseen minion to do the work. Normally, more harm is done compare to something good. You see, as we know that there are a lot sort of people with special power in this world. To use it for a good or bad is entirely up to the person oneself. The price is paid for those who actually suffer.

I myself not entirely believe in this sort of things but sometime I do wonder why there are things happening around me can't be explain by anyone. It is good to have a bit of believe in supernatural thing. It will make you wonder and think the good and bad of your action in the future.

Be careful what you wish for or do as it might bite you back.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Open for Business

This would be the second attempt of opening back my blog. I had once open before for public but due to some unforeseen circumstances, I had to delete it.

There will still be my private blog ( where only selected few will be able to read it. However, this blog will be functioning more in comparison to any other blog I have.

This blog will cover for almost everything and anything related to the past, present or future issues. It will not generally talk just about me but also it will serve as info for things I encounter in life.

Comments and criticisms are greatly appreciated and I do apologies before hand if the usage of my grammar utterly bad in this blog. Standard English will be widely use. However, occasionally Manglish or Malay language will be use as well.

Have fun reading it. I hope you will enjoy it.