Wednesday, January 24, 2018

My Mother The Traveller

My mother and I share the same interest when it come to travelling. She too used to travel a lot during her younger days. That is why she joined the airlines. Well not as the cabin crew but as an IT officer. She still gets the perks to travels same as any employee of the airlines. 

So when I was small I had the chance to travel around the would with my parents. Most of it I am not able to remember as I was still too young but there are a lot of photos we took and kept so I could be reminded on the journey. 

Now my mom especially still love to travel and most of the time I would bring her around travelling the world to new places which she never been before. She loves to travel with me as I am an excellent planner and she could take her own sweet time to move around. She is getting old so she can’t really walk that fast anymore. That is why she never liked to travel with tours. It is better to travel on our own and take our time and make our own plans. 

My dad, well he doesn’t share the same passion as me and my mother. However, I would still bring him around sometimes. They have cats and lots of cats so they have to alternate travelling with me all the time. 

Where to next?

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

A Good Time

Have you watched The Greatest Showman movie? If you haven’t do go and watch it. I know I like it. It’s a musical and the songs are fresh and ecstatic.

Two song in particular which I like the most - Rewrite the stars and This is me. The choreography is on point. 

Anyway, I am now in Chongqing, China. I don’t think I could pronounce it correctly if you hear me say it. It’s a beautiful city by the river and at night the buildings are lighted with beautiful colours. It is winter at the moment here but there is no snow. Just fog and rain. Just nice to sleep in.

I’ve been here in October 2017. The weather and temperature at that time are still tolerable for me. So I did all my sightseeing for the whole day. All by metro and taxi. It is convenient. Plus most of the attractions or museums are free to enter.

Time for me to go back to sleep after a good big breakfast. A good way to become fat. Hahaha...

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Facebook, Instagram and Me

I am an addict. 

Addicted to Facebook and Instagram to be specific. I can’t seem to stop myself from constantly engaging to both. 

I believe the only solution to it would be to delete the app. However, I would die of boredom if I do that. I still am lazy to do any work if I were to keep the apps. 

I always wonder what would it be to be free from all these social networking. It is not really a gain to me as most of the time I ended up viewing other people life. I have few friends who manage to delete their profile all together. 

Maybe I just need to set a rules for myself. Maybe it could work if my will power is strong. 


Me and my addiction. 

Monday, January 8, 2018

Let’s Go To UAE

Tonight would be my first official holiday for the year 2018 and I am bringing my mom along with me. 

Guess where I am heading. 

Dubai and Abu Dhabi of United Arab Emirates. 

Burj Khalifa Dubai

I think it has been ages since my last visit to UAE. Four years perhaps. This time I am going to visit their Miracle Garden. It is my mom wish and who am I to say no to my mother. She is all hype out now. 

We been to Dubai together before. I think it was in 2012 maybe. Since Dubai is such a familiar city to us, I decided to bring her to Abu Dhabi as well. I could show her a few places of interest which I visited before in 2010. 

Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi

Tonight we fly out. Flying with Emirates to Dubai and coming home with Etihad. Both which my mom have not flown yet. So it would be a first time experience for her as well. Our flight departs at 0110LT and expected to touchdown at 0430LT.

Alright then. Time to resume my packing. Pray for our safe journey and well being.

P/S: I will try my best to update my travel blog with beautiful pictures once I am back from UAE. 

Sunday, January 7, 2018

I Want To Sleep

Sometime I wish I am able to wake up late in the morning. Unfortunately my body clock wouldn’t allow it. So I end up waking up early between 7-8am in the morning everyday.

There are times that I wanted to use medicine aide to help me sleep longer but if I do that I would end up feeling groggy once I actually woke up.

So I guess I just have to live with it. Darn it. 

Friday, January 5, 2018

New Year 2018

The last time I created the New Year Resolution was in 2013. Thus, I believe it is time again for me to set the new resolution based on things I wish to achieved in 2018 and also part of my new bucket list. I hope I am able to manage to get as much as possible done in the next 365 days of 2018. It's going to be a busy year for me. Wish me luck!


Travel with Five Different Airlines
Travel to Five New Cities (Excluding Home Country) Around the World
Travel and Stay at 10 New Cities Around My Home Country - Malaysia 
Travel to South America
Travel on a Cruise Ship

Finance + Luxury

Be a Self-Made Millionaire
Charter a Yacht
Create a Passive Income
Earn 6 Figures Per Year
Flip a House
Fly in a Private Jet
Get Paid to Travel
Have 3 Months of Bills in Savings
Have a Housecleaner
Have a Positive Net Worth
Have No Credit Card Debt
Hire a Personal Shopper
Investment Top Up 6 Figures in Cash.
Make a Will
Order Room Service
Own Tiffany Jewelry
Own Investment Real Estate
Play the Stock Market
Sleep on Satin Sheets
Stay at an All-Inclusive Resort
Start A Business
Sell Something on the Internet
Stay in a 5-Star Resort


Give Out 10 Birthday Present to Close Friend and Family.
Hangout With My Best Friends at Least Twice This Year.
Plan a Holiday with Friends

Entertainment + Adventure

Attend an Orchestra Symphony
Complete a 1000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
Feed a Deer
Ride a Zip Line
See a Broadway Show
See Cirque du Soleil Show

Personal Growth

Attend a Random Free Seminar
Do 24-Hours of Silence
Do a Charity Walk
Do a Random Act of Kindness
Donate 100,000 Grains of Rice
Donate Books
Donate Clothing
Donate Toys at the Holidays
Entertain the Elderly at a Nursing Home
Feed a Homeless Person
Get a College Degree
Give Someone a Hug
Give Up Your Seat to Someone
Help an Endangered/Injured Animal
Help Someone Who is Lost
Help Someone With a Check on Their Bucket List
Learn a New Software Program
Learn Conversational Foreign Language
Learn the Alphabet in Sign Language
Learn the Heimlich Manuever
Learn to Say “Hello” in 10 Languages
List 10 Things I am Grateful For Each Day
Make a Significant Change in Someones Life
Master a New Language
Pay the Bridge Toll for the Person Behind Me
Plant a Tree
Put Change into Someones Expired Meter
Read a Banned Book
Read a Classic Novel
Read a Story to a Child
Read a Trilogy
Say “Thank You” in 10 Languages
Serve Food at a Soup Kitchen
Send Flowers to Myself
Spend a Day Helping at a Children’s Hospital
Spend the Entire Day By Myself
Spend a Week at a Silent Retreat
Sponsor a Child’s Wish through the Make-a-Wish Foundation
Start a Charity
Teach a Class
Unplug for a Week
Volunteer at a Pet Shelter
Volunteer at an Orphanage

Food + Drink

Bake a Cake for Someone Special
Bake a Loaf of Bread
Boil a Live Lobster
Bottle a Recipe & Sell it
Catch, Cook & Eat a Fish
Cook a Traditional Dish from a Different Culture
Cook Every Dish in One Cookbook
Cook With my Partner
Create a New Ice Cream Flavor
Create Food Art
Create Latte Art
Create my Own Cocktail
Create my Own Recipe
Create my Signature Dish
Eat an Insect
Eat Caviar
Eat Fondue
Partake in Afternoon Tea
Order One of Everything on a Menu
Start a Herb Garden
Host a Dinner Party
Write a Cookbook


Achieve my Ideal Weight
Bowl a Strike
Bowl a Turkey (3 Strikes in a Row)
Climb an Indoor Rock Wall
Complete a Ropes Course
Dive Off the High Diving Board
Do a Color Run
Do a Handstand
Do a Themed Run
Drink only Water for a Week
Fly a Kite
Get Admitted to Hospital Less or None
Limit to Two Fast Food Meal Per Month
Participate in a 5k Race


Less Sick Day Leave

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

My Bucket List - Revision 2017

• Travels to different countries around the world. Total 45 of 196 countries.
• Travel to continent of Asia.
• Travel to continent of Oceania.
• Travel to continent of Europe.
• Travel to continent of North America. 
• Travel to continent of South America. 
• Travel to continent of Africa.
Travels with different airlines.
• Visit Chichen Itza.
Visit Taj Mahal.
• Visit Christ the Redeemer.
• Visit Colosseum.
• Visit Great Wall of China.
• Visit Machu Piccu.
• Visit Petra.
• Visit Great Pyramid of Giza.
Visit Acropolis of Athens.
• Visit Alhambra.
Visit Angkor Wat.
• Visit Eiffel Tower.
Visit Hagia Sophia.
• Visit Kiyomezu-dera.
• Visit Moai.
• Visit Neuschwanatein.
• Visit Red Square.
Visit Statue of Liberty.
• Visit Stonehenge.
• Visit Sydney Opera House.
• Visit Timbuktu.
• Visit Antarctica.
• Visit Amazon river.
• Visit Vatican City.
• Visit African Safari.
• Visit Santorini.
See Aurora Borealis (Norway).
• See Great Barrier Reef (Australia).
• See Uluru (Australia).
• See Carnival de Rio (Brazil).
• See Niagara Falls (Canada).
• See Leaning Tower of Pisa (Italy).
• See Grand Canyon (USA).
• See New Orleans's Mardi Gras (USA).
• See Tulips Festival (Netherlands).
• Fly in Economy Class.
• Fly in Business Class.
• Fly in First Class/Suite.
• Fly in a private jet.
• Fly in a helicopter.
• Fly in a jet fighter.
• Take a cruise.
• Cruise Nile River.
• Swim with Dolphins.
• Swim with Sharks.
• Swim in Dead Sea.
• Ride roller coaster.
• Do sky diving.
• Do bungee jumping.
• Do white water rafting.
• Do snow skiing.
• Climb a mountain.
• Go to Disney World Resort Florida.
• Go to Disneyland California.
Go to Disneyland Tokyo.
• Go to Disneyland Hong Kong.
• Go to Disneyland Resort Paris.
Go to Universal Orlando Resort.
• Go to Universal Studios Hollywood.
• Go to Universal Studios Japan.
• Go to Universal Studios Singapore.

• Write my will.
Buy my dream house.
• Buy a shop.
• Buy a diamond.
• Buy my dream car.
• Buy an airplane.
• Own 5 properties.
Own 10 properties.
• Own 20 properties.
• Own 30 properties.
• Own 40 properties.
• Own 50 properties.
• Hold RM100,000 saving cash.
• Hold RM250,000 saving cash.
Hold RM500,000 saving cash.
• Hold RM1,000,000 saving cash.
• Hold RM2,500,000 saving cash.
• Hold RM5,000,000 saving cash.
• Start my own business.
• Hire people to work under me.
• Hire Personal Assistance.
• Make profit of RM5,000 in a year.
Make profit of RM10,000 in a year.
• Make profit of RM25,000 in a year.
• Make profit of RM50,000 in a year.
• Make profit of RM100,000 in a year.

Organize a charity event.
• Sponsor a child.
• Donate blood.
Make a different in someone's life.

• Get a degree.
• Get a Master.
• Get a PhD.
• Get an MBA.
• Learn Mandarin.
• Learn French.
• Learn Japanese

Monday, January 1, 2018

Farewell 2017

As the year 2017 comes to an end, it is time for us to welcome the new year of 2018. 

Time flies just a tick like the clock moving constant. There are ups and downs but it only to make me stronger and wiser. They said you learn from you past so you can be better in your future. 

Just some highlights of my 2017 as far as my brain can recall.  
  1. I got promoted to a new rank. 
  2. I managed to travel to new places with my parents. Namely the city of Tawau, Ipoh and Taiping in Malaysia. 
  3. I revisited some places such as New Zealand where I am able to explore new city and Cambodia where I revisit the ancient city of Angkor Wat in Siem Reap. 
  4. I managed to clear off some of my debt. 
  5. I recalculated and reorganised my lifestyle and started saving more money. 
  6. I applied for investment loan for a greater financial security. 
  7. I bought some new stuff for my house. I think it is a mess. My house that is. 
  8. I reorganised my business. Temporarily suspend some of my sales due to change of work nature. 
  9. I got sick occasionally but nothing serious. Oh! I did a minor surgery but again nothing serious. 
  10. I tend to forgot stuff. I think that is due to my overthinking. 

I can say there are a lot or maybe not depending on how busy your life compare to mine. However I must say I am content with what I have achieved so far. 

Perhaps the year 2018 would be kinder to me. 

Farewell 2017! Thank you for the memory.