Saturday, June 5, 2010

Google Reader and RSS Feed Problem

You are posting some nice article (or something bad) about someone or something but then you thought it might not be appropriate anymore as you find it might be offensive to the other person. So the only next thing you could do is to delete it. Phew. You save. Nobody will able to read it anymore. Well you are wrong.

Nowadays, people commonly are using Google Reader to read blogs instead of going to the blog directly to read it. It is easy. You don't have to open all the blog pages in your browser and it keep you inform with the latest posts. The only bad thing about it is, it capture everything you had publish even after you delete it. Even after you close down your blog, your record will still be there (unless Google really want it to be gone).

There is nothing much you can do to delete the post entirely but you could dig back that old post you deleted and change it. What I did for my post is to changed the title to 'E.I.E' and deleted the entire post to leave it with just blank. So at least there is nothing for people to read.

How do you change it? It is pretty simple actually. If you can learn how to blog, definitely you could learn how to dig back your old post and do the changes. Google will definitely not going to do it for you. Give them some slack, if they don't want to change it then we should do it on our own right?

Here is the step by step guide LINK. [Credit: César Roberto de Souza]

I am sorry as I don't really use the jargon words explaining about this stuff. I am not really familiar with it.

Post Scriptum: If you don't believe me, add yourself on Google Reader and see for yourself.

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