Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hello, I Am Captain Teddy

Contest Closed 

We have a WINNER. Congratulation.

For those who didn't get the answer right, try again next time and thank you for participate. The answer was in my blog all along. Click Here is you want to know where it is.


As promised. This the blog contest for this month.

It is extremely easy as there will be only one question for you to answer. The only problem is that I only have one prize to give away to the winner. So for who ever answered it right the first time will win the contest.

This contest open to all except for those who had already won any contest I held previously. You must do exactly as I said or your entry will not be accepted. The prize is getting more and more expensive. So the rules had to be a little bit stricter.

You must sent your entry 'I want Captain Teddy' to ameerzachery[at]gmail[dot]com along with your answer and your preferred screen name (as I will put it on my blog).

If you won, I shall notify you back for your detail and close this contest (on the blog). Contest close on 14 June 2010 (or if there is a winner).

Good Luck !!!

The Question

If I just bought myself Captain Teddy, how many MORE Teddy bear do I actually own?

The Prize

The Winner



Darren said...

6. right?

ikanbilis said...

gasp. i never knew of the original number.

no clue?


teddy is cute..

AmeZac said...

Darren: I donno. If you want to try do enter the contest the right way. :P

ikanbilis: hahaha.. :D