Friday, October 29, 2010

Enchantment Class

This week almost come to an end. How fast time fly and yet I feel I achieve nothing so far.

As you all know I am having Enhancement Class this week. It is basically just a discussion and briefing on some topic which need to know basis.

Everyday I had to wake up early and drive to the academy. I normally don't like to go to work early just because I will be stuck in the traffic jam. Instead of 15 minutes drive it became 30 minutes. Lucky for me I had to endure it for only this 5 days. I understand now the stress for those who had to drive every single day to work. Tiring.

The last day of the class is the exam. I was lucky that I passed the exam. It was really quite difficult as some of the question were related to something I learned 5 years ago. So can you imagine how hard for me to recall it back.

This week is really tiring week for me. I ended up with almost getting myself a fever. So I told myself to take it easy and just rest. Stop everything and just sleep. Really sleep.

What did I do that caused me to be so tired? Well apart from the class, I was also going to the gym, helping a friend to move out, went out dinner with friends and etc. All this caused me to come back home nearly midnight. Yup. I know, self induced stress. Hahaha.

My weekend is full with plans. Clubbing, hiking, move house (friend) and gym. All this with very minimum time rest. I think I will re-plan again everything and get myself a lot of rest.

Next month? I am free the whole month. However if there are changes, the company will call or email to inform me.


Shake Trees said...

congrats. being a kutu ambing has a price. isit ambing or kambing? lolx...

Unknown said...

what is an enchantment class?

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

Ameer Zachery said...

Koala: I have no idea what you trying to say. Hahaha.

Jino: It just a name I give. It's actually enhancement class.