Monday, October 4, 2010

Post-Operation: Kidney Stones

Ok. Let see now, where were we. Ok ok. The operation part. So they wheeled me in around 4pm. I thought they could do it faster so I could go out fast. However so, only at 445pm they start the operation. 

Funny that I can still laugh and smile when the anesthetist injected me with the anesthetic. The oxygen was administered together and the last word I said to the doctor was, "Wo, It's starting already". Sleep I was after that. 

It took longer than last time. I counted and the total hours spent was 2hrs. So long but I don't know what happened to the lost time. The doctor told me that the stone dropped further down in the kidney so it took him awhile to grab it back. Oh well as long as everything is done. 

They numbed my 'little brother' already as I told them I don't want to wake up with pain. But then my kidney was not included. In the end I still asked them to give me the painkiller. I hate pain. 

So the next thing I know I already in the ward with my mom waiting for me in my room. The kidney stones were given to me as souvenir and a CD of the video procedure was given as well.

Oh ya, I was bleeding involuntary for 2 days so they had to cover my 'little brother' with bandage. So many people see me naked already now. LOL.

Note: Total cost for this operation is RM 13352.60.

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Shake Trees said...

finally its over. no wonder saham jatuh. lolx... do take more rest! wishing u speedy recovery.

Unknown said...

wish you sihat sihat liao and jaga badan and makan baik baik ^^

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