Monday, October 25, 2010

First Fitness

I didn't know the cost of joining a gym has increase dramaticly. I remembered that on 2007, I used to pay only RM119 per month but now it almost doubled to RM205 per month.

Nontheless, do to me wanting to keep myself fit again, I decided to joined in back. I can say I am back to gym.

Now the only thing is to keep myslef a mental note that I have to go at least 3 times a week. Otherwise, it just useless. Simple example would be just like paying for astro, see or no see still need to pay the fee.

My target is to get myself lean and fit. I don't want 6 packs. Even one pack of abs also does not interest me. Fat loss is the priority. I can say I never go to gym or do any exercise before. Well, walking in the mall does NOT count as exercising.

Right now, I am doing the stamina part more compare to strength and build. I think for me (my way of thinking) this should be the foundation. The rest can come later.

I noticed as well that I become more happy after my exercise. I just don't know the reason why. I get more hyper than uaual. It's good for me but my friend sure think I'm crazy now.

As said, my goal is to get a lean & toned body and my target to archive it in 3 months time. I have the ideal weight for my body (my PT told me one) so it is easier. Ok ok. Easier said than done.

I shall try. I shall succeed it. I shall prove it. Gambateh.


tuls said...

yes!!! you can do it b****!

Little Prince said...

exercising produce endorphins which is required to feel, happy. (so does eating chocolates)

Shake Trees said...

i agree stamina comes as basic. i do the same. 3 times a wk. never do gym b4. add oil!

savante said...

All the best on that! :) Don't forget the occasional ogling at the gym though!

hummingbird said...

Good Luck! Working out will eventually be a habit!You're prob paying RM205 cos it's a platinum membership but 'sokay cos you can then travel the world and still have the luxury of walking into anyone of its branches to workout!

Ameer Zachery said...

tuls: thx s***! >.<

LCP: I think the effect is faster when exercising compare to chocolate.

Koala: Hahaha.. Planning to try 4x/week.

savante: Thanks.. Hahaha..

hummingbird: Yup. So far loving it eventhough a bit tired.. Still you got to do what you got to do..

Unknown said...

so expensive! omg...

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

Ameer Zachery said...

Jino: It is?