Thursday, October 28, 2010

Double Post Almost

I was happily typing for my new update today. So I type type type until almost end already then it struck to me.

"I think I type this before"

So I go back to my blog and there it was a post I had published. The same post I am typing. Haih. Waste time only. Now I got no mood to type any new post already for today.

Just for info, I am now doing Enhancement Class for a week until this Friday and there will be an exam on the last day. I did NOT study at all for it. Hope I will pass. Otherwise dieeeee.


Shake Trees said...

sudah pass siapa u mau enchant? :P

tuls said...

good luck.. i dont think i will be seeing you this weekend then? hahahaha.. since you wanna study so much!! hahahahah

Mr.D said...

enchancement? enchanted?

Ameer Zachery said...

Koala: Retraining. So do everything again.

tuls: Oh yes you will.

Mr.D: enhancement.