Saturday, October 16, 2010

I'm Coming

Fuhh. So many "years" I didn't blog I guess. Everything like so dusty. *Swipe swipe*

So anyway this would be a very very very long post. I am going to tell you what been happening around and about on my life. I know you sure like to hear one.

Since I am lazy to check back my old post on what I already publish and what I didn't, if you found the same story again, simply skip it or read again lah if you like.

We go from the weeks that I left up to until now.

1. My house is a home. I've move in for almost a month already now. It is tiring to move house but when everything is settled, you definitely felt the satisfaction in yourself.

I've done and spent quite a resonable amount of money to move and bought furnitures. So right now everything is done. I am so happy I can sleep in a place I call home.

2. Finally I got my internet in the house. Ok. I lied. I got it like 2 weeks after I applied for it. But I was so busy, I didn't set it up properly until 2 weeks after that.

The TM staff had to call to remind me of the availability of the Internet connection. I think they monitored me wor. Right after I setup my account they straight away called to help troubleshot some speed issue. So efficient. Now speed fast. Can download lots of porn movie.

3. Like I was being crazy again and I just bought flight ticket and fly to Australia again. I know. Crazy right? The trip was extremely short. I can say I spend only 36 hours on ground. The rest was well spent on the air. The ground was not that fun and exciting but on the air - loving it.

Due to my own "safety" (don't want people jealous later), I shall not disclosed the details on what happen on board the aircrafts. What happen on board, stays on board.

Moving on.

4. As you can well notice my recent post, I had some personal issue I had to handle. It was really *speechless*.

I was at my maximum limit and I exploded like never before. I think this is the second time in my entire life I exploded this serious. Bad words came out repeatedly and if I didn't get away out of sight I might even physically hurt that person. I was really an angry and hurt at that time.

As of now, I am taking a *seriously no idea what to fill with* from someone. Who? Don't asked. I stop talking about it anymore as I am putting it on hold until that person (especially) ready to talk about it again and we ready to discuss it face to face. I don't know if that will ever happen at all too.

A friend of mine somehow managed to locate and erased all the contacts and details of that person. So the only way for me to communicate (if I need to) is by email only. Just like the first time we did when we first know each other.

Ok. Next.

5. I think I am becoming a worst driver ever. There this one time, I was not concentrating on my driving due to brain overwhelmed with thoughts (happpened due to issue no. 4) and I ended up in the opposite lane.

Can you imagine how dangerous that was? I actually nearly head on with the incoming traffic when I realized the mistake. Phew!


6. Right now I am extremely busy and extremely tired with all the study. I do have a lot of rest days but most of the time I used it to study at home.

Basically you can see my monthly schedule on the right side of this blog. Everything is there. So if you want to ask me go yum char, check the schedule first ok?

I sound so like a big shot.

7. I passed one of my exam with a 100% mark. Yippie!

8. OMG. My weight is scaring me right now. I lost a lot of weight lately.

But but but...

I still feel I am fat just because I can see me tummy. Not sexy lor.

So I decided to go to gym one day. Soon. Very soon. Now very busy.


9. I tried something new just for fun. What was it? Body waxing. Well, I laugh when I'm in pain.

So I laughed.

Anyway, it was really nice to feel my body so smooth. I feel like doing it again. It really was fun.

10. Few of my friends told me that I talk like a typical Chinese. Be it my English or my Bahasa.

I thought I sound very normal one. Really meh?

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