Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Review: Firefly

Date Travel: 22 February 2010
Sector : Subang (SZB) - Penang (PEN)

Firefly (FY) is the community airlines where you can hop on from the city airport of Skypark located at Subang airport. They use twin propeller aircraft and this is my first time on the ATR 72-500. Its fun all the way and cheery.


The check in counter open two hours before the departure time. So if you come in early, you might need to wait until the counter to open up. I did found that it is possible to check in through other available counter. However, they would not be held responsible if you miss the flight. I know this since the airport is at the city, people just came in early and go home for awhile before coming back to the airport. Only small carry on bag is allowed. All other bags need to be checked in as the overhead compartment is not big enough to fit the bag. Don't worry, the friendly staff will definitely help you.

Departure Hall

The new Skypark (formerly known as Terminal 3) is simple to navigate. It is an open gate area so the departure hall is just like a big waiting area. There are only limited shops once you in the departure hall area. So be sure to complete (with a lot of shops) your shopping first at the terminal before heading inside the hall.


New aircraft. What more can I say? It is very exciting to try out something new and to me even though it is a propeller aircraft, it is not noisy at all. The aircraft is small but it can fit 72 passengers. Not really comfortable if you big in size. You might need to purchase additional seat to be more comfortable.

Cabin Crew

The crew are always cheery. I guess it just the way they are. It was fun flight for me even though it only an hour flight time. They definitely did a great job in their work and love doing it. Yes. They never cease to smile.

In-flight Entertainment

No in-flight entertainment for this type of aircraft. They did played some local music just like the one you normally hear on the radio. It keep you entertain if they played the song you like I guess.


For a short flight, they still served a light meal. It's very hard to find an airline serving light snack for short sector nowadays and to be called community airlines for their low fare make it seem unbelievable. It a choice of peanut or muffin with juice.

Overall Rating

Check-in 5/5
Departure Hall 3/5
Aircraft 4/5
Cabin Crew 5/5
In-flight Entertainment 2/5
Meal 4/5

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