Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Valentine's Day

Such a sweet thing. Unfortunately for me, only now I managed to watch this movie. I am not talking about celebrating Valentine's day. Too far behind already. I am talking about a movie actually.

Here's the thing. The story is too complicated. So you need to stay put and watch the whole thing to actually understand it. It is a very messy movie with complicated storyline. It is very similar to the movie Love Actually. I do prefer to watch the latter more.

There are a lot of spoof you can find in this movie like red wine (magically) turns into white wine or how in the world the boy know where to find the teacher. He has psychic perhaps?

I do love watching romantic movie with all the love and kisses and stuff but for this one I think it just ok. It does not par to my expectation or maybe I had seen better. Do watch it when you have free time but I do not recommend it (unless you like to look at hot guys body).

My rating 4.5/10.

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