Monday, February 22, 2010

Balik Kampung

So to say, I am now at my parents hometown visiting my uncles and aunties. So the first 4 days I will be at Penang and the remaining 4 days I will flying off to Kota Bharu.

I will let you know on more details about my trip to Penang (Balik Pulau Town) and Kota Bharu (Kuala Krai Town) when I am back at home. I last visited Kuala Krai when I was 16 years old I guess. I think a lot have been change by now.

So see you next week.


ikanbilis said...

which of the 2 is your Kampung?

AmeZac said...

i am pure from KL.. both are my parent hometown hence consider my kampung also.