Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bad Habit Go Away

I have a very bad habit. I don't why I did it. Ok ok. I know exactly why I did it in the first place. It feels good obviously. However, if I keep it up I might be making a serious and permanent damage to myself.

Yes. My bad habit is pulling hair. When I have nothing to do or thinking of something, I would twist my hair and pull it. I don't know when I started doing this but I seen to not be able to control it. My hair is long now and I feel so much fun pulling it. I feel like a crazy person with weird habit.

If I don't stop doing this I would eventually lose my hair. My prediction that is. It is technically true I guess. I can't see if I am balding. I don't have back view mirror.

My mom normally will slap my hand everytime she see me doing it. It's funny but still I won't stop doing it. Well, she give up at some point. The only solution I could think of which normally works temporary for me is to cut my hair bald. Ok. Perhaps not shinning bald but short enough so I won't be able to twist it and pull it.

So any idea how can I stop with this habit? It's uncontrollable (but not like the picture you just saw).


ikanbilis said...

i have big curly bouffant afro.

i love pulling them. my friend told me that i need to go bald.. yikes!

AmeZac said...

ikanbilis: it only works temporary. unlese you keep maintain it extremely short. then only i think you could get rid of the habit. same goes to me as well.. :D