Saturday, March 20, 2010

Buying Properties

Phew. It is not easy to buy houses and shops these day. This would be my first time doing so. I know. Yeah. I am a virgin in this thing but hey. I could at least say it out loud that I am a home owner at the age of 23(.5). I am proud of myself. 

So far, I am learning all this new terms and getting new experience by listening to the salespersons and banker talks to my mom. Yup. For now, my mom is being helping me do the talking. I just become her apprentice. So at the same time, I would learn on how to deal with the people on sales and purchase. It would be easier for me next time.

I know how to apply for house loan now. Yeay. All the big words I learn from observing and listening the explanation from the banker. Lucky for me, my record is clean. So it is easy for them to process my application. I now need to wait for the official letter from the bank to release the loan to me.

Now come the not so easy part. I need to think about the plumbing, wiring, grill, landscaping and so many more. My god. More cash need to be pour out definitely. Oh well. I just need to keep all the record well and make sure everything would be within budget. The good thing is that for now, my mom (she is very free indeed) would call the necessary people for me and I will meet them at the place and explain the rest to them. Simple.

I still need to learn a lot from this buying stuff. Legal fees? Stamping fees? Etc? Darn it. Can they make it easier (just for me), please?

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