Thursday, March 31, 2011

Immediate Leave

I was informed a week ago about the requirement for me to go on a leave. A mandatory leave. This is because I had not been using my annual leave for the past two years. It is all very last minute and since it is mandatory, I had to abide with it.

My leave supposed to start from 1-21 April. However, my off days started few days ago giving me a total of 25 days of free days.

So my plan at the moment is to fly off to visit few cities mainly Penang, Guangzhou and Abu Dhabi. I know I had been talking about my financial situation and I should not be going for a trip like this. This probably going to be my last trip for this year as I won't be able to apply for any new leave already. Plus, I am just going to spend as little as possible. So definitely no shopping. Just sightseeing.

Brief itinerary on the trips:-

4-7 April
Penang is for visiting my relative and pass them the wedding invitation. I'm not the one who is getting married. My brother is. I just the representative on behalf of my family. It a custom for us I believe to go to the house and personally invite them to come.

10-13 April
Guangzhou is for shopping. My mom. She wanted to buy some stuff and it's either Medan or somewhere in China. So we pick China instead. I don't know how much she will be spending for this trip. Both of us have not been to Guangzhou before. I wonder how it going to be when we are there.

15-18 April
Abu Dhabi is because my friend is having a meeting over there. The trip is fully sponsored by his company I guess so I only need to pay for the flight ticket and meal. When else I can visit Abu Dhabi if not now. The hotel was really nice and I heard the city is very modern. I can't wait to fly there.

So far right now I am doing some reading and planning for Guangzhou and Abu Dhabi. I don't like to travel blindly.

I will definitely post about the trips when I return home.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Stress A Bitch

So what my friend said to me. I admit it is really a bad thing too to have stress in your life. Still you can never ran away from it. It will always be there whether you like it or not. The thing now, do you do something about it to resolve it. 

My training partner recently had a panic attack when he found out we had to changed our schedule to an earlier date. He was so stress up and ended up with a fever. 

I too had the same experience but it was related to my personal life. However, the stress level was so high it ended up affecting my training as well until such time I had to cancel one of my training session. 

The body aren't design to handle too much stress. It actually will harm you to the extend making you sick. I was too having a light fever after. 

So if you can try to control the stress level. My solution is to get sone good rest and sleep. It help me to forget temporary of my problems. It usually works even though not instantaneous. The least is it work for me.

Monday, March 21, 2011

People Watching

I am sitting alone at Starbuck waiting for my friend to arrive right now. I miss my regular Green Tea Latte so much. I know I am kind of broke right now but I still have my contingency money to spend. The salary would be in next week. So I should be fine. 

I love coming here and just sit. People watching. I enjoyed doing it actually. But lately I have been too busy with my training that I spend most of my time at home. I find that it is really depressing because the only things that accompanying me from my boredom is my laptop and TV and books. 

I am here at my favorite hang out spot. You are here too. But I can't call or meet you. Since you are with someone that hate me and I do have a bit of that feeling in me too. So I just going be quiet and see if you notice me without me telling. Clues and hints are plenty.

Now I wonder why my friend taking his sweet time coming here. I am getting bored already. Today crowd have the least eye candy I can feast on. So I need someone to chat better.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Power Of Love

Yo te protegeré de tus miedos
Soy tu príncipe azul
Angel del cielo
No hay más que temer
Hoy como ayer siempre
Me vas a tener

Solo I´mporta tu amor
Dámelo aquí estoy

La fuerza mayor
está en el amor
Es interior
La meta es darlo de veras
Mostrarlo sin razón
Con el corazón

Yo prometo que te cuidaré
Y para amarte solo viviré
Cuando triste
estés allí estaré
Con este inmenso
amor que yo siento por ti
Y nunca llorarás
Tú serás lo único


Amar es compresión
Es dar completo el corazón
Es besarnos perdonarnos
Es un tesoro un gran regalo

Solo I´mporta tu amor
Dámelo aquí estoy

I will protect you of your fears
I am your Prince Charming
Angel of the sky
There is no more to fear
Today as yesterday always
You are going to have me

Only your love matters
Give it to me here I am

The greater force
Is in the love
Is interior
The goal is to give it really
To show it without reason
With the heart

I promise that I will take care of you
And to love you I will live
When sad
Be there I will
With this immense
Love that I feel for you
And never will you cry
Be the unique thing


Amar is compression
Is to complete the heart
You forgive, kiss
Treasure is a great gift

Only your love matters
Give it to me here I am...

Monday, March 14, 2011

I Say It Straight

I believe I am relatively nice. I know sometimes I can simply say what in my mind without thinking about the consequences first. To me I know what I say is right and I shouldn't feel bad about it.

Once, my uncle scolded me for being who I am. My mom did constantly advise me to talk to people politely. I do not have problem being nice. I don't have problem with people. It just my way of saying it differently.

The thing about me is I keep everything very much to myself. So I coated it with word nicely. That what I had been taught all this while. My words sometime can be too sensitive to others. But I still will say it out loud when I feel like saying it.

I am nice. Still when I'm required to be I will be mean. When I am mean I am really mean. Yeah. I know how to make people angry at me but at the same time having no choice but to listen to what I am saying and do what I say. I get what I want and I know how to get it.

The nicest meanest way of it if necessary.

I'm not sure if you could understand what I am trying to say here. But it's alright. I'm alright.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Keranamu Kekasih

Let the lyrics be the translation.

Kekasih jangan berduka
Yakin kita kan bersama
Hati ini satu walau jauh di mata
Ikatan cinta
Luhurnya dijiwa

Hati pujuklah perasaan
Jauhi segala keraguan
Sayang untukmu kukorbankan
Demi satu harapan
kepangkuan mu kekaasih
Keranamu kekasih

Hadirmu bagai cahaya
Damai resah dan gelora
Hati kita walau lara melanda
Asmara cinta
Tiada hujungnya

Hati pujuklah perasaan
Jauhi segala kesangsian
Cinta walau pun berjauhan
Kan ku kenang senyuman
Kerinduan ku masih
Kepada mu kekasih

Dan keyakinan ku masih
Kepadamu kekasih

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Human Contact

It actually good to have some one around to talk to. It doesn't mean that person has to help you solve your problem. Just to listen would be just enough sometime.

I for once has been lack of having human contact lately. I spend most of my time at home reading my manual/book until my brain is numb. I have no time to go out and if I were to go out it would be me settling some official works.

So it is nice if a friend would drop by at my place for a drink and chat. It really makes me happy actually. Just having someone presence nearby you. Plus, you could talk to your friend and catch up on things that you missed.

I know no problem can be solve immediately just like that. However, I do felt a bit relieve as I am able to say what I want to say in my mind. What ever the problems I am having will always be hanging. So there nothing much can be done. Just needing an ear to listen.

Great to catch up with friends.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Toll Booth

This might be just some random thought which run through my mind every time I passed the toll booth. Heck even some of it happen to me as well. Since we have so many toll booth in this country, it hard to miss to think about things. If only we don't have to pay for toll every 100 meters.

This would be even funnier if I use BM instead. So I do apologies if some of you might not understand it.

Case 1

Police is chasing some car and they were reaching toll.

Toll booth assistant: Baik pun perompak tu pakai Smart Tag nak lalu. Cepat sikit nak jalan.

Case 2

Ambulance is coming in fast with siren can be heard far far away.

TBA: Ok ok. Ready ready. Nak dekat dah tu. Nak tekan bagi palang naik nie..

Case 3

Car approaching Touch n Go booth.

Driver: OMG! Where did I put my card. Damn it. Where are you?

Case 4

Car approaching Smart Tag booth.

Driver: Eh. Cannot use Touch n Go? Die lar. Die lar.

Case 5

Car nearing toll booth.

Driver: Lor. Closed?

Monday, March 7, 2011

I Broke Officially

Yes people. I have to admit it. I am officially broke. After long continuous spending done for all this few months, my salary is actually lower than my expenditure.

So I need to stop spending (so to say) for the next few months until I am able to control back the finance. My target would be six months. I do hope so. Otherwise I am dead.

All credit cards are off the wallet and down into the drawer where it is safely hid from my view. I should keep it in ice block. Look more drastic right?

Anyway, I already planned my payment tiers for my credit cards and if everything as plan I will be on the safe level soon. Safe only but not out of debt. Yeah. I spend too much lately. Stress buying? Is that acceptable excuse?

On the other note, I 'accidentally' applied for new credit cards knowing that they won't approve it. Somehow, the bank officer did something to help give extra points and the credit department actually approved it. Paiseh!!! I know I know. Someone scolded me already. =)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Apple Curse

I am having an addiction for the iPhone and I am not sure how to make it stop. iPhone has become a part of my life and I feel I cant live without it. 

I don't usually play games on my iPhone but from time to time I will definitely download some free games which I found interesting. I keep it in my iPhone until I feel I don't need it anymore. 

Even though we call it iPhone, I mainly use it as my Internet browser. Basically everything is reachable by a simple touch. So many apps available to make it easier. 

I can't take my hand apart from my iPhone. I know it's bad. I do trying my best not to take my phone out while I am out hanging with my friend. I don't want to make it look rude. 

I can concur that all iPhone users are anti-social and I am one of them. Tell me you know it too.