Thursday, February 15, 2018

I Hate Cleaning

I wonder why hiring part maid is expensive these day. I remembered last time it only cost me RM50 for a 4 hours service at my old place. Now it would cost me three times more. 

I am really a lazy person. Honestly I don’t like to do house chores. Mainly because I am allergic to dust. So if I start sweeping and mopping my eye would start to feel swollen and tearing up. Also not to forget the sneezing. 

Nonetheless who like to come home to a dusty and or dirty house right. So if I am stingy enough not wanting to pay the extra money for cleaning service I should myself start doing it regardless. Damn it. Why the cleaning service so expensive. Argghh!

I did some googling on weekly chores or tasks I could incorporate to my plan. So I don’t have to tire myself with doing all at once. I will probably do area by area. Then I would definitely will be able to get everything clean up. 

Good luck to me! 

Yes I am ranting because I hate cleaning. Hahaha.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Water Challenge

This month of February I am starting a new target of just drinking plain water aka sky juice for the whole month. 

I am trying to eliminate my craving for sugar from drinks as well as indirectly saving some money. Currently everything is doing great. I also been drinking a lot of water too. Just the downside that I need to constantly go to the toilet to pee. 

Two of my friends joined this challenge with me. To make it more interesting, the first person to quit will be forced to treat everyone a meal of choice. So we shall see if I am able to complete this challenge by the end of the month. Who knows I might lose some weight along the way.