Sunday, March 7, 2010

Six Year Is A Long Year For Visit

Yes. That is how long since I last visited my other side of the relative at Kelantan. I remembered that the last time I was back is when my grandfather passed away. So total up it is already six years long. Honest to say, I almost forgot how my aunties, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews look like. I had to call my parents to remind me back.

I arrived late at night and since there was no public transportation to Kuala Krai at late hours, I asked my fellow friend to stayed at his room in the hotel. He is there for a night (the flight that I flew in). Even if I can find people to 'tumpang', I still need to stay a night at the hotel and at least I was saved by him. (So need to pay for room).

Late in the afternoon only I checked out and head myself to the main bus station. The taxi fare is only RM2. I myself can't believe it. It is that cheap. So to travel in the city area, it is better to just take the taxi. Cheap and convenient as you can easily get it anywhere.

The bus cost me RM7.50 and the journey is an hour 45 minutes. It is a very long journey. So that is way I took the intercity bus instead of taxi. The taxi will cost you RM15/person but it need four people to go or you have to pay for the price of four. In my case, I just take the bus since I am not in rush.

Everything is the same I thing. Nothing much changed as the last time I remembered I was there. The only thing is my cousins, nieces and nephews are all grown up and almost as tall as I am. It took me two days to remember back all their names (I am such a bad uncle).

It was nice to live in the rural area. Seriously no air conditioner, no internet (nearest is at the town) and even the water also sometimes not available. I am a city boy but I don't really mind living in that environment. My auntie and uncle had been very great to me. They tried to accommodate with what ever they have. I was not used with the idea of sitting around and let people do things for me. So I would normally said to them that I will do it myself.

I usually stroll along the road to the paddy field in the evening and sometimes I just stopped at the river to see if there are fishes in them. It was relaxing. My cousin would bring me for prawn fishing. I had no idea how it was done but it does look fun. So at night we were out to get some bait which is a small prawn. We got ourself a live bait which we catch at the lake.

I tried playing the Wau. I almost hurt my finger since they use a nylon string as the rope. They had to or otherwise it might just snap. It goes way up high in the sky at almost 200m for my calculation (which it turn almost look like a dot from the view below). Truly 'Kampung' style.

Flying back to home with the morning flight. I don't want to take any risk with the evening flight since it is Sunday and surely there would be a lot of overbooking. Phew. Done.

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