Monday, January 31, 2011


My blog so far is clean from any advertisement. So I wonder if I should try and earn some cash from it. What do you think?

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Traffic Suck

I don't know why our 'beloved' government doesn't want to improve the public transport yet. People nowadays prefer to travel by car just because of the inefficiency of the public transportation. Bad timing. Bad connection. 

I personally would love to use the public transport more if I could as it will definitely save me a lot. But for now car is still the most convenience way to travel fast. 

So due to the hate of the growing traffic jams around the city area, I hear by declare this timing to be out of the question for me to travels out. Do take note it is enforce immediately.


However, if someone willing to drive me instead, the timing will not to be applicable at all. (Hint. Hint.)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Why Me?

I woke up late this morning. Not to say too late. I just not use to the timing back. So I expect the traffic would be alright with 30 minutes of time in hand. 

Never expect the unexpected. Bloody hell I was 30 minutes late to the office due to the jam. Oh ya. Today is a briefing on safety with almost 40 people attending. I was the center of attention when I walk in as I was the only one who came late. I know right? VVIP.  

To make things even better, I scared I might left my wallet at home. I thought I dropped it so I bravely asked to be excused so I could locate my wallet. True enough it was in between the sofa at home. 

I was late and I misplaced my wallet. A great day to start your work.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Heart Out

I'm creating this post just to say whatever in my heart at this moment and then move on with it.

I have been knowing that this day will come and I should accept the fact I am not a priority in some one life. Not to be over reacting but what would you do to the person you love everytime you see them. Would you keep quite or you say to them you love them. Well in my case I am the only one saying with no reply back from the other party.

Everytime I hear my whatsapp notification sound I always get excited hoping that the message is coming from you. But the sad truth is it doesn't anymore.

So I just want to let everything out now and move on with my life. If I am so important to you in the first place, I'm sure you would do anything you can to protect me and be there for me no matter what. That what I have been doing for you since forever but yet I feel that it is not good enough for you to appreciate it.

Ok. Enough with the rambling. I'm taking Sunday off from everyone to relax and just be alone with myself for a while. I need to handle the stress I created from all this so called 'complicated relationship' which technically never exist in the first place.

I know you been quiet lately but I do know you read my blog too. So read this. I hope you are very happy with all the decision you have made because I am not going to take you back in my life unless you really truly deeply mean it.

I need to see it to believe it. Something even you not able to show it to me.

Good bye

Friday, January 21, 2011

It's Hard

I hate waking up every morning with a hard on. I mean I know some people said it a good thing because it mean everything is working as it should be. But can it not be every day. 

It kinda painful wor. So like need to wait for damn long too before it die down. So mah fan. 

Faster die. Faster die.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Hey everyone,

I was away from blog world as I was pretty busy with some travels. Yup. New Year at Singapore and also a short visit to Hong Kong. 

I will be working again next month. Saw the roster already. It going to be busy month for me. After all I was on idling mode for few months already now. 

I will be blogging less and will concentrating on my work first. After everything is stable I will continuing back with the blog world. 

Take care everyone.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Review: Tiger Airways (TR)

Date: 02 January 2011
Sector: Singapore (SIN) - Kuala Lumpur (KUL)

Tiger Airways (TR) is a subsidiary of a Singapore based company and partially owned by Singapore Airlines. It is a low cost carrier based in Singapore.

Check In

Budget Terminal Changi is separated fro the main terminal. However, it can easily connected with free Shuttle bus from the Terminal 2. The check in area is huge enable to cater almost a thousand people (from my observation) at a time with ample of check in counter. But the check in counter opens only two hours before the departure time and mostly two counter dedicated for a flight. So plan wisely as only one Coffee shop and McDonald available.

Departure Hall

Even though it is a budget terminal, I can say it does not look like one. The ambiance is great with a lot of shop to browse around. The hall also provide free Internet, plug point for laptop, charger booth and computers for passenger to keep update with the outside world while waiting for the departure.


A320 was used and the aircraft was nicely maintain. A tip for everyone is if possible try and ask for the Emergency Row as there are ample of space for the seats.

Cabin Crew

Crew were nice and helpful. They tend to a lot of passenger demand just for a short flight. It's great that they are very efficient in doing their work. The only thing was on my flight, the crew could speak up more clearly as I hardly understand what the announcement was about most of the time.

In Flight Entertainment

No IFE available for this flight.


Meal are based on board purchase from the menu. A little bit overpriced but for short flight I believe we can just skip it.

Overall Rating

Check-in 4/5
Departure Hall 5/5
Aircraft 4/5
Cabin Crew 4/5
In-flight Entertainment N/A
Meal N/A

Sunday, January 9, 2011

So Many Target For 2011 Onward

01. Cut Spending. Since last year I did spend quite a lot. So I guess enough is enough. I have decided to cut down my spending limited to only RM1000 per month for all type of expenses. Can I do it? I have no idea as well but if I didn't try then I won't know would I?

02. Buy Property. I think I want to buy more property. It seem real estate in Malaysia right now is getting more expensive but if I were to buy now I could earn a lot in future. I did bought my first house last year so basically I have rough idea how it works. My lifetime target would be to own 10 residential properties and 5 shop lots. I wonder if I could succeed it. Gambateh!

03. Buy Car. So my mom been asking me to buy new car already this year. In this case my plan would be on July or after I feel I am financially stable. I know what I want but I do keep my option open. My 'current' car had been took over by my dad. So technically I don't have any car own by me myself. I wanted to buy Mazda 2 HB or Mazda 3. Time to save up.

04. Visit Cities. This year I plan to cover at least 5 cities worldwide. Where and when are still on planning stage. Since it is subject to budget and leave approval from the company, we'll see how it goes. Initial planning had been done through my Facebook. So for those who friend list me should able to see it.

05. Finish Training. Soon. I guess. Soon. Haihz.

06. Open Business. I think I want to open business as part time. Joint venture perhaps? I'm not sure yet to whether 100% ownership or partnership. Still thinking on what to do right now. Don't want to think so much on this as it is not my priority right now.

07. Renovate House. I been saving up money to renovate my house at USJ 9. It is an old house but I love the house. I think I would need a lot of money for this. The house would/should be my permanent place. After all, I want it to be perfect or near perfect. So much to plan for this. Right now the house is being rented out until end of 2012 or until I fed up with the renter.

08. Invest. I just increase my investment for ASB to maximum allowable. Die die need to pay a lot since it is still a loan with 8 years term. After calculation, I would profit more as the loan interest is not that high compare to the return. Plus, I do invest in few other investment scheme from CIMB and Maybank. Look promising for CIMB but I still yet to see the return from Maybank.

09. Clear Debt. Due to my spending habit, I use a lot last year. Plus, I got so frustrated with everything and simply swipe my credit cards like nobody business. Don't worry. I hid most of the credit cards already and start spending less now. My target is that I would clear all the debt by end of this year provided I stick to the budget plan. Should be alright.

10. Healthy? I think I am so use to pain I forgot how pain free feels like. Nonetheless,I have been working out at the gym a lot lately and due to my laziness, I hired Personal Trainer to help me reach my goal. So far looking good with some muscle clearly visible already. I'm loving it. My trainer crazy asked me to do six packs but all I wanted is only NO PACK aka slim fit. Hahaha. Ok one pack also can.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Daddy Day Out

Today, I decided to bring my dad out for shopping. It was planned last week and I asked my mom to remind him about it. As usual she forgot. Lucky dad did not have any plan himself so we can still go.

Basically I did sent him to try for facial. Yup. I just want him to try some facial and see how it goes. He did asked a lot like is it pain? or is it long? So I took the time to answer every single question. It is after all his first time. The facial lasted for hour and a half. With the time I used to spend walking around Midvalley.

For info, the Midvalley Convention Center is having a Chocolate fair until tomorrow. So for Chocolate lover better go and buy until your heart content. I am a Chocolate freak but I decided to NOT buy anything. Cut cost.

After his facial, We both went for lunch. I wanted him to try Korean food to which he decline. He don't like the taste. He end up buying local food instead. Oh well.

We then bought a new phone to replace the old one. He been using it for so long until keypad also already missing. Unfortunately the type that he wanted was discontinued. I don't understand why must they display it if it no longer available for sale. Haih. So he bought something else instead - Nokia C5-03. Not bad phone. Touch screen with 5MP camera. It also has integrated GPS. He still trying to understand the system and usage. Well, surely I need to teach him later.

My dad definitely not a big spender as I am. I have been trying to make him buy some new shoe and new accessories but he decided not to after looking at the price. It's hard to convince him. Maybe I should just buy for him next time and keep the price a secret. Like he didn't know that his birthday watch actually the same price as the TV we just bought. Better that way I guess.

Tired with all the shopping and outing we headed home. Sleepy.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lost The Feel

I think I lost the feel of blogging. OMG! I seriously need something to keep me blogging. I have so many thing (well maybe a bit of thing) to post about but I just don't have the mood to do it.

Well next time I will post some new stuff for you reader to enjoy.

New year make me lazy.