Saturday, March 6, 2010

Memory Lane Balik Pulau

I was back to my parent hometowns last week. Unfortunately, only now I have the time to post it on the blog.

Well, there is nothing much I can say about my trip actually. I just wanted to go away for a week and the only place I could go is to visit my hometown. Both my grandparents past away long time ago already and only my aunties and uncles left at Balik Pulau.

Do you know I was from the boarding school in Balik Pulau? So one of the day I went back to the school for a visit. It has been quite a while since my last visit to the school. Most of the teachers have either transferred to other school or no longer working. I miss my school so much. So many memories there I guess.

I stayed at the school for almost the whole day. Basically, walking around the place, meeting teachers and looking at my old classroom. They have an event going on that day and I was invited to attend as well. Since I have nothing to do so I just accepted it.

Most of the time in Balik Pulau I would just hang around with my cousins. So basically like I said, doing nothing. I was enjoying it.

Flew to Kota Bharu on the third day. I took the night flight from Penang and had a 40 minutes transit at KLIA. The flight was delayed actually and luckily there were no further delay or I might lose the connection to Kota Bharu.

Next post: Kota Bharu/Kuala Krai trip.

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