Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

It was held at the Putrajaya. I thought the crowd would be a lot since it is was Saturday but I was wrong. Perhaps I came too early. It was afternoon after all and it was a very hot day.

This was my first time attending such event. The Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. I was expecting a lot of balloon up in the air but when I was there it was only five of it. I guess it is better than nothing.

I noticed that most of the balloons are still on the ground nicely packed. As if they (the participants) were waiting for the right time to unfold it. I was right after all. They do have timing of which I missed greatly. Oh well, I am not going to wait four more hours just to watch all the balloon went up in the air. It was too hot and I am sweating like a pig already.

Apart from the hot air balloons, they also have stalls selling a lot of stuff such as shoes, miniature planes, clothes, beauty products and even a petting zoo. They even have games such as waterball, chopper ride and few more which I am was not made known of it names.

The coolest part for me was of course being able to see the hot air balloon just feet away. Also for the first time I saw KFC and Pizza Hut sold in a truck (I forgot what they call this thing). Yes. I am very outdated person. I know.

Perhaps they could make it more interesting next year. I do want to have a ride on it someday but not just to fly few meters high. I want to go hundreds meter higher. Yeah. =)

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