Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bad Habit Go Away

I have a very bad habit. I don't why I did it. Ok ok. I know exactly why I did it in the first place. It feels good obviously. However, if I keep it up I might be making a serious and permanent damage to myself.

Yes. My bad habit is pulling hair. When I have nothing to do or thinking of something, I would twist my hair and pull it. I don't know when I started doing this but I seen to not be able to control it. My hair is long now and I feel so much fun pulling it. I feel like a crazy person with weird habit.

If I don't stop doing this I would eventually lose my hair. My prediction that is. It is technically true I guess. I can't see if I am balding. I don't have back view mirror.

My mom normally will slap my hand everytime she see me doing it. It's funny but still I won't stop doing it. Well, she give up at some point. The only solution I could think of which normally works temporary for me is to cut my hair bald. Ok. Perhaps not shinning bald but short enough so I won't be able to twist it and pull it.

So any idea how can I stop with this habit? It's uncontrollable (but not like the picture you just saw).

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


No. I am not talking about the wrestling thing. I think they also already change the name since the acronym used is the same. I am talking about World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

Ok. Since everyone been talking about the Earth hour and stuff and how mother nature is dying, do you actually think by switching off your light for an hour going to make a different? I don't think so. I have been switching off my light everyday before I go to sleep. So basically I save more "life" than you are. Alright. I am not going to argue anymore.

We all want to help save mother nature. But just saying out loud won't do. We need action and action need (here the sad part) money. If you have a little bit extra cash in your pocket, why not and help this foundation. It is after all for a good cause.

Earth Hour only last for an hour but you contribution might last forever. I know WWF is the one who encourage it but imagine what you can do if you continue doing it for 365 days or should I say 525600 minutes. Think about it.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Open Shop

I am bored right now. There is nothing to do here at this shop. Well technically this is not my shop. It's my mom shop. Since she is the one who bought it. I just occasionally come around and help taking care of this place. My mom and my brother actually run this shop.

It is actually a cybercafe and we can have 20 computers running at one time. The reason I said I am bored is because there is not so many customer these day. I don't know why but I think perhaps this area is still under develop and less people interested on going online.

So to help us survive, we also provide some other business as well just like a normal computer shop (selling computer and repairing it) and a bookshop (selling stationery and services) . So it will at least sometime make me preoccupied with works orders by the customers.

If you thinking opening a cybercafe is easy and can give you a lot of money, you are absolutely wrong. First of all the setup itself would cost you a lot and you need to be operating for couple of years to cover back the cost. Secondly is the customer and the location of your cybercafe. Third is the maintenance of the computer. The rest of course bills and other expenses you need to worry about.

Unfortunately, the government already stop accepting new application for cybercafe license. They only maintaining current license holder subject to yearly review. So if you found any new cybercafe around they might be operating illegally.

Oh god. I can die in boredom.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Europe Waiting For Them

My parent started their 10 days journey touring all around Europe yesterday. There was some hiccup during the check in but everything was settled after I talked to and helped by the duty officer. The flight was overbooked and they put my mother on standby. My dad on the other hand managed to get a seat. They normally should have upgraded her to Business Class but unfortunately the seats were as well full. So I was told.

I sent them all the way to the gate and waited until they were about to board. I know they will be going for awhile but I can't stopped thinking about their well being and safety. (I think they too would do the same everytime I traveled.) I hope they have a great time there. I shall be waiting for their news from the upper-side of the world.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Here We Go Again

I have been waiting for this moment. I am actually very excited about this. Do you want to know what happen?

Well, I opened my roster website and there it was my next month schedule. It is out already. For the first time after five long months I actually have a roster. I gave them a call and still I need to wait as it is subject to approval and release of my licence. No matter, I am happy nonetheless.

The schedule is pack but I don't really mind. I am going to study very hard and pass all the required test and start working again. I need to start everything all over again. Yup. I need to do all from beginning. I hope I can do it well.

I am sorry if I did not update this blog regularly as I always do. I need to concentrate on my study/training. I will try my best to occasionally update thing I could. I want to settle this training once and for all.

I am excited and scared at the same time. Wish me luck and hope that I pass all the requirements and test.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Air Crash Investigations And More

If you like to watch documentaries about air crashes and aircrafts, you ought to check this website. You can download it for FREE.

by apapele

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Iphone For Me

If you recalled. I had published a post regarding my Ipod Touch which I bought last year. Sadly to say, the Ipod is no longer with me anymore. I had to sell it in exchange for my new Iphone.

I need to stop buying stuff. I promised myself to keep the money this year. Now look what happened. More money out than coming in. Aiyo. I am bad at managing my own money.

Oh well. I just upgraded myself a little bit from Ipod to Iphone. What next? Ipad?

I still sorting out all the data and information from my old phone. So it might take a while before I can use my Iphone. Perhaps in a day or two. Once done I will be an Iphone user for 2 years (because of the plan I took). I hope I made the right choice.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Green Zone

This is a very disturbing movie I ever seen. It is about the war in Iraq and this time the story tell about the US intentionally create a false accusation on Iraq in order to attack Iraq.

I was traumatized after watching this movie. It made me thinking of the reality for it. What if it was true and we only hear things that were untrue all this while. Seriously, I wonder how the movie maker were able to make this kind of movie. To even think such thing is unbelievable.

I am disturbed and traumatized. Read more at Wikipedia:Green Zone.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Alice In Wonderland

For those of you who haven't watch this movie yet, please do watch the trailer first. You will at least have the idea on how the movie going to be like. This is not like the story you heard or read from the storybook. They recreated a whole new story based on the old one. So don't expect it to be exactly the same as the original Alice.

I like the opening theme of the movie. The way they tell the story also make you wonder what really happen in the first place (after Alice left Wonderland). For the hardcore fan of the original Alice, I am so sorry to say you will be disappointed by this movie. It deviate a lot as Alice had grown up. She no longer the cute little girl when she first came to the Wonderland. She even having hard time remembering it. Poor Alice.

Even so, I still like the movie and would recommend people to watch it. Just keep your mind open to it and you will be fine. My rating 7.5/10.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

It was held at the Putrajaya. I thought the crowd would be a lot since it is was Saturday but I was wrong. Perhaps I came too early. It was afternoon after all and it was a very hot day.

This was my first time attending such event. The Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. I was expecting a lot of balloon up in the air but when I was there it was only five of it. I guess it is better than nothing.

I noticed that most of the balloons are still on the ground nicely packed. As if they (the participants) were waiting for the right time to unfold it. I was right after all. They do have timing of which I missed greatly. Oh well, I am not going to wait four more hours just to watch all the balloon went up in the air. It was too hot and I am sweating like a pig already.

Apart from the hot air balloons, they also have stalls selling a lot of stuff such as shoes, miniature planes, clothes, beauty products and even a petting zoo. They even have games such as waterball, chopper ride and few more which I am was not made known of it names.

The coolest part for me was of course being able to see the hot air balloon just feet away. Also for the first time I saw KFC and Pizza Hut sold in a truck (I forgot what they call this thing). Yes. I am very outdated person. I know.

Perhaps they could make it more interesting next year. I do want to have a ride on it someday but not just to fly few meters high. I want to go hundreds meter higher. Yeah. =)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Buying Properties

Phew. It is not easy to buy houses and shops these day. This would be my first time doing so. I know. Yeah. I am a virgin in this thing but hey. I could at least say it out loud that I am a home owner at the age of 23(.5). I am proud of myself. 

So far, I am learning all this new terms and getting new experience by listening to the salespersons and banker talks to my mom. Yup. For now, my mom is being helping me do the talking. I just become her apprentice. So at the same time, I would learn on how to deal with the people on sales and purchase. It would be easier for me next time.

I know how to apply for house loan now. Yeay. All the big words I learn from observing and listening the explanation from the banker. Lucky for me, my record is clean. So it is easy for them to process my application. I now need to wait for the official letter from the bank to release the loan to me.

Now come the not so easy part. I need to think about the plumbing, wiring, grill, landscaping and so many more. My god. More cash need to be pour out definitely. Oh well. I just need to keep all the record well and make sure everything would be within budget. The good thing is that for now, my mom (she is very free indeed) would call the necessary people for me and I will meet them at the place and explain the rest to them. Simple.

I still need to learn a lot from this buying stuff. Legal fees? Stamping fees? Etc? Darn it. Can they make it easier (just for me), please?

Friday, March 19, 2010

Review: Emirates

Date: 15 March 2010
Sector: Melbourne (MEL) - Kuala Lumpur (KUL)

Emirates is based in Dubai connecting flights all over the world. It is known for their multi-racial and multi-language crew. It was a privileged to had flown the airline for the very first time.


It was late night or should I say very early in the morning departure. However, the check in was fast as there were a lot of counter open to handle all the passengers. It was easy and fast. They even open up a service desk to help passenger who has queries (people like me).

Departure Hall

Everything was closed at that hour. The only shop open was their duty free shop. So no shopping for me I can say. Ample of seat in the waiting area and eventhough the airport is currently under renovation, it is not difficult to find the way to the gate.


They are using the very nice and new look Airbus 340-500. This is my first time on the aircraft as well as flying with Emirates. So I was pretty excited. The seat is comfortable. Very spacious to me eventhough it is only Economy Class seat. It does resemble their seat on the Business Class. I wonder why? It could recline a lot and my guessing would be up to 35 degree of angle. Lucky for me, I found myself a good empty seat just for myself.

Cabin Crew

They really do have multi-language crew onboard. Majority of their crew are from all over the world. They are friendly but don't really talk much. I believe it was due to the late morning flight and they are all tired. They did a good job looking fresh and still try to give you a smile which I rarely see in most of the crew. In my opinion, they could do better but since it was my first flight, I won't judge more on it.

In-flight Entertainment

I love the in flight entertainment onboard Emirates. You can actually start watching your movie right after the safety announcement is made. They even have forward and downward camera view of the plane  viewable through your personal TV. The best of all it is all touch screen. How cool is that? I had fun exploring the IFE and did enjoy it until I was at the gate on arrival. I even managed to play some games while waiting to disembark from the plane. I wish all airlines should have this great IFE system.


They served a light snack right after takeoff. I ate earlier before boarding, so I just asked for a beef pie and some chocolate. I don't want to eat more as I was really full eventhough the pie was really good.

The breakfast was either a beef grilled steak and veal sausage or Swiss cheese omelette with roasted potatoes. I don't feel like eating heavy that morning. So I just pick the omelette. It was nice. The portion was big. Some side dish along side of fruits and Croissant with butter. I was actually ate a lot.

Overall Rating

Check-in 4/5
Departure Hall 4/5
Aircraft 5/5
Cabin Crew 4/5
In-flight Entertainment 5/5
Meal 4/5

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Melbourne Stayover

Travelled date: 12th March 2010 - 15th March 2010

Melbourne again? I don't have any other place to go aren't I?

I flew in from Perth and the thing I noticed up high above is that at Perth, everything was dry and at Melbourne, everything was green. The land in Australia is really vast to even have different sort of temperatures and climates in the country itself. It cooler in Melbourne for sure.

I arrived at Melbourne 730pm and like Perth, the shop does close early. Upon arrival, I went to reconfirm my return ticket at the International terminal before taking the Skybus to the city and ultimately to my friend house. I totally forgot that I could save a lot and just take their normal public transport. Melbourne have a great public transport service. You get connected everywhere easily. You could even download the real-time schedule to you iPhone (which I did) and it help you to plan your timing and journey.

I reached my friend house around 9pm. He was still working at that time and only finish around 11pm. So luckily, his housemate was around to open the door for me. I was hungry and just wanted to eat something. So I just bought myself a double quarter pounder burger at McDonald. Since, I was free at that time, I just took the train to the city and just hang around for awhile before head back to he house with tram.

I woke up around 11am and since I had nothing on my schedule (as always), I just took my time and went for a walk to the city. I heard they have a new Direct Factory Outlet (DFO) at South Wharf and I might as well have it check. By the way, they change the DFO at Southern Cross Station to Spencer Street Mall.  Hop on the train (my friend house is next to a train station) and straight I go to the city. I just hop on the free city circle tram and I basically had no idea where it goes.

The next thing I know, I was at Habourtown. Yup. This time it is in Melbourne. They were having sales but I was not interested in shopping. I just walked around taking pictures of that place. I took the next available tram and head to the DFO. They do have a lot of shops but some of it still very expensive to me. Perhaps they weren't having any sales at that time. I did bought myself 7 new shirts and it cost me $95 total. [$1 = RM3.16]

Head back home to put down my stuff before went out again and meet a friend at Queen Victoria market. She stayed near that place. I thought I could go and shop at the city for a while but I guess, as always, they closed their shop early and we decided to have our dinner straight. We had a nice chat before I sent her off to her place and ran to catch my tram home. It was a very tiring day. I should be losing weight with all that walking around.

The third day was Sunday and I just wanted to ride on the train and see where it would brought me. My friend tag along with me as he also never been to that other part of the city. We went all the way until the end of the track and walk around the town called Frankston.

Since the train is 30mins apart, we had time to bought ourself a lunch before catching the train the the beach. It was damn sunny day. I can't barely look clearly as it was so hot and glaring. The water was cold though. We had our lunch at the beach and it was pretty nice actually to see a lot people swimming, playing with jet skis and even flying an airplane. I still wonder where is the airport?

Too tired to go out at night. I decided to just stay home and watched TV while packing my bag. I am flying back home later in the morning and need to be at the airport around 12am for check in. It was pretty relaxing stay and fun to meet again my old friend. Some don't even know I was there as I didn't told them I was coming. It was a short stay over after all.