Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sleeping Position

How do you normally sleep? I believe there are so many type of sleep position and for some reason as human we bound to be of that one type or maybe more. Nevertheless, for me I would usually sleep on the right side of the bed. Provided the bed is a King or Queen size. If just a single bed I would definitely sleep at the near end corner and let my hand hang out from the bed. I know my sleeping habit kind of a little bit weird but hey you need to do what makes you comfortable right?

Ok. Done with the side of bed now the side of my head. I know. I know. I normally be more comfortable if my head is tilted to or facing to the left. It is so much lighter for me. I don't know why but but my left brain actually a little heavy. Anything to do with me being left handed?

Then come the pillow. I definitely need at least 4 pillows side by side. The more the better. You know like when you a kid you like building fort. Well that what I do when I sleep. I like to put the pillow all around me like I'm in a fort. Plus one of the pillow must be on my head. So I like get both side of my head covered. 

I am one odd guy. ;)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Socially Networking

My main social network would be Facebook. Then Twitter as secondary.

My passive network would be Foursquare, Path, Tumblr and Instagram.

To avoid so many drama from all the networks, I've decided to keep it to minimum. Having said that, I am dividing the networks individually. So none would be the same.

So far I have no intention to delete any of my networks yet but it's not that hard for me as not all are useful. Like I said, Facebook alone would be sufficient.

Plus, the fastest mean of communication would always be by calling, SMS or whatsapp. So there is nothing wrong for me to actually abandon all my online networking.

Breakdown as below:

Facebook (Restricted) - For only close friends and some of my family. Every update would be via Facebook. However, I've decided to keep my profile low from now on.

Twitter (Private) - Limited access to others. My venting place for anything crazy in my mind.

Instagram (Close) - Collection of daily self pictures so I can see the changes happening with myself.

Tumblr (Open) - A more daring and open me. It's not private but I'm not promoting it either. Those who know knows.

Foursquare - Immediate notification of my location to avoid confusion. Usually when I'm not in Malaysia.

Path - No longer active in it. Just leaving it as it is.

Monday, July 9, 2012

What Is Love?

Love is when you steal my chocolate from my bag and I still keep it at the same place everyday.

Love is when we fight with each other and I still protect you.

Love is when you borrow my money and didn't return it back but I still keep quiet about it.

Love is when you scold me and you still looking after me.

Love is.....

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Leadership In Me

I'm a very hard working person. Sometimes I work too hard until I over stressing myself. To me all the things I do are not only for me but for the benefits of other as well.

I really am tired lately. Just feeling lost. Perhaps I am overloading myself with pressure and I can start feeling the fatigue.

For now, I am going to slow down a little and just enjoying my life. It is my nature to help others but I need to help myself first now.

After all, I did try to make other to do it first but in the end you know you can only rely on yourself to do the job. The perspective of other on the urgency of the matter different from me. I would get it done in a timely manner. So no delay when it come to getting the job done.

A little bit part of my perfectionist still making me uneasy when the job goes hanging.

But right now I just want to relax and let go everything. Let the other solve it. They are as good as I am. They just need to push them self to work a little bit harder.