Monday, March 29, 2010

Open Shop

I am bored right now. There is nothing to do here at this shop. Well technically this is not my shop. It's my mom shop. Since she is the one who bought it. I just occasionally come around and help taking care of this place. My mom and my brother actually run this shop.

It is actually a cybercafe and we can have 20 computers running at one time. The reason I said I am bored is because there is not so many customer these day. I don't know why but I think perhaps this area is still under develop and less people interested on going online.

So to help us survive, we also provide some other business as well just like a normal computer shop (selling computer and repairing it) and a bookshop (selling stationery and services) . So it will at least sometime make me preoccupied with works orders by the customers.

If you thinking opening a cybercafe is easy and can give you a lot of money, you are absolutely wrong. First of all the setup itself would cost you a lot and you need to be operating for couple of years to cover back the cost. Secondly is the customer and the location of your cybercafe. Third is the maintenance of the computer. The rest of course bills and other expenses you need to worry about.

Unfortunately, the government already stop accepting new application for cybercafe license. They only maintaining current license holder subject to yearly review. So if you found any new cybercafe around they might be operating illegally.

Oh god. I can die in boredom.


Leon Koh said...

haha you must be so bored.. surf the web for new clothing from various brands?

nice signature!

greetings from singapore


AmeZac said...

Leon: Yup. I did some shopping online some of the time. I don't want to get addicted to it. Thanks for visiting and the signature just some random art.