Friday, January 1, 2010

Ipod Touch For Me

I finally got it. My very own 32GB iPod Touch. I have been eyeing this thing for months and now I can declare myself as an Apple user.

I still don't really know how to use this thing properly but I will sure to learn about it in no time. Right now I am exploring the iPod Touch directly and also via iTunes. First time user. So I am a little bit slow on this.

There are a lot of applications and games I can download for FREE. Not to mention most of the applications also been sold with a minimal price of US$0.99. However, a valid credit card needed for buying it. Still, it is cheap.

I bought it at Singapore for only SG$420 (SG$1.00 = MYR2.445). So technically I got it cheap. I didn't know that they have it for 64GB also. Otherwise, I would had bought that one instead. The good thing I notice about Apple product is that they have an international warranty. Which mean, I don't have to fly down to Singapore if there is problem with my iPod. I could simply just head down to the nearest Apple store at my place.

Will I turn into Apple fan? Maybe just with iPod Touch for now and we see how it goes from there.

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