Wednesday, February 17, 2010

To Travel In Luxury

After giving a lot of thought, I have decided that starting from my age of 26 years old onward (if I ever make it and don't ask me why I choose this age), I will travel to anywhere in the world using the Business Class seat unless I am travelling using foreign airline.

I mean to say here, life is short and when you die you actually will leave your money behind. You don't bring the money to your grave with you. So why not spend on something that you really love. To me I love everything about flying and to be able to travel in luxury is one of my greatest pleasure.

I am not trying to boost here but mere to say that if you can, just fork out a bit more for a more pleasant and comfortable experience. I am not saying the Economy Class seat is not good. However, it would be a privilege to be able to travel in Business Class or better yet First Class.


ikanbilis said...

i too dream to travel business. if only i can afford now, haha.

but i have to agree. why not spend what you have now into something you like when you will not bring it into the afterworld.

AmeZac said...

ikanbilis: just spend on things you can afford on.. jgn sampai merana diri lak nak bayar hutang.. ;)