Sunday, February 21, 2010

Charitable Foundation

There a lot of thing you can do to help the unfortunate people around the world. I am one of the small contributor who took part to make this world a better place. If you have the money, why not give some to the people who need it. Even it might seen a little but when a lot of people come in and help along, the amount will accumulate and be a lot.

I am currently donating for few charitable foundation I could find in my country to help. I know I can't help everyone but the least I can do is try.

Currently, I am sponsoring two kids through World Vision. The country is limited but my choice is India and Myanmar (as mentioned from my previous post). There are few other country where you could pick to help. If sponsor a child might be a problem for you, you could always donate for something else. All donations are money based which will be converted into items and be given to the respective people of the area. More information can be read from the WorldVision website.

I also been donating since my high school to Budimas Foundation. It is a foundation for orphanage. It help to build facilities and other things that might seem important to help these orphanage. The donation is as little as RM1/day and like I said, you lose nothing if you help people. Like for me, it always make me feel happy and I always donated more when I could. Visit their website to learn more about the Budimas Foundation.

Lastly would be Makna or in English stands for National Cancer Council. This would be a straight forward message. All money donated to Makna will be used to finance for the research and development in finding cure for cancer. It also used to help the poor to get treatment for cancer. The contribution you can make is also as little as RM1/day and can be deducted through your bank account so you won't have the hassle of banking in the money to the foundation. Visit the website for more information about Makna.

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