Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Introducing The Cat Family v2

My family have a lot of cats. Most of the cat were stray cat where we found near our shop or on the road. So at this moment we have a total of 12 cats and probably going to be increasing more if my parent keep picking up these cat.

They seem to know the routine already by now. Breakfast at 6am, lunch at 3pm and Dinner at 7pm. I think my cats have better meal time than I am. They eat mostly rice and fish which we specially bought and cook for them. They very picky on what they eat. Spoilt cat. Some other time we will give them cat food just for snack (See even my cats have snack time)

They seem to like sleeping a lot during the day and very active in the evening. The best part about our cat is that they will follow where ever we go. So normally, if we hang out at the outside, they will all play around near us. It was cool. They seem to understand my parents command. If their names been called, they will definitely come even if they are three house away.

I am NOT a cat fan anymore as I have sinus problem but no choice to live with them. :P

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