Sunday, February 7, 2010

Kuala Terengganu Trip

Date Travel: 02 February 2010 - 06 February 2010

Day 1
It was a very long journey indeed. I thought I did not want to go anymore as I was sick and the 6 hours of drive is really going to make me really tired. My dad decided to start his driving at 12pm. So I actually had time to rest a little bit more. I told myself to just go for it and maybe I will be better when I arrived at the destination.

We are going to Kuala Terengganu. Located at the State of Terengganu. We drove passed through State of Pahang before actually reached the final destination. Taking turn on driving I used the auto cruise for the highway but 110km/hr really makes you bored really fast. So in the end I decided to just pressed the pedal and speed up a 'little' bit. My dad now seem to follow my rules I guess. "If you want to get a ticket, at least make it worth it".

The hotel is located at the beach. Totally fall in love with the place instantly. Since it was a long drive and we arrived late in the evening. I didn't do much for the night except tried to hang out outside at the beach front. Bad idea. Mosquito attack fast. I think maybe I have sweet blood. Who knows right? So I decided to head back to the room and watched the movie on the TV before head for the bed.

Day 2
Woke up early to get the breakfast. It's free. Who doesn't want it right? So I decided to have a little bit of tour at the city. It was a very hot day but a nice place to visit. A lot of places for photos and not to missed out the place to shop. The best local market they have is Pasar Payang. Very classic looking wet and dry market. They sell everything and it is cheap.

I went to the State Museum and also a drive through the bridge connected with the Duyung Island and just drove myself to the airport. I saw the beautiful Crystal Mosque when driving over the bridge. I just want to see that newly finish airport. It looked so nice from the outside so I wonder how it looked like inside. I can say the airport is nice. It has a man mad waterfall inside 3 storey high. Simply beautiful.

In the evening, I went for a walk at the beach. The scenery was really awesome. You really can relax when you come here at this place. I think I walked for hours.

Day 3
Basically nothing to do today. I slept at the beach right after I had my breakfast. The wind blowing was so cold and I just dozed off easily. Other time, I just relax in the hotel room watching movie almost the whole day. Seriously. My mom supposed to join me at the hotel and I supposed to pick her up at the airport but she decided to cancelled it. So I just chill out in the room.

Only in the evening I decided to came down for a swim in the swimming pool. The water is freaking cold. I haven't fully recover for my sickness. So I think that's why I feel the water is cold as ice. So only after 15 minutes I decided to stroll along the beach. Guess what I found? Remes. It's a snail like Lala and Kepah except smaller. So I just dug the sand and look for them. Happy is the word here as I really love looking for this snail.

Dinner at the restaurant under the bridge. The food is excellent. No wonder my dad recommended me to go there for dinner.

Day 4
Gone for Remes hunting again in the morning until afternoon. I think I had sun burn already by now. The sun screen cream does not do much to prevent it. Chill out in the room as I am too tired to go out and again in the evening continue my Remes hunting. I got a bowl full of it. I had fun.

Day 5
Packs our bag and quick shop at the Pasar Payang. Also not to forget the Keropok Lekor and Serunding. It a must buy when in Terengganu. The drive this time was via coastal road. A lot of traffic light but a nicer scenery. The sea. We arrived at home in the evening and I was dead tired. Feel like falling sick after I am still sick. Panadol and head to bed after dinner.

Next time for a visit again at Kuala Terengganu.

Post Sriptum: Seriously, my English suck badly.

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