Friday, February 19, 2010

No Life With Facebook

"Get connected with Facebook"
I think I overly abuse this statement a lot already. I admit that I have no life and my life revolve around Facebook. Seriously, I can't take myself off from it. I don't know why am I addicted to it. There is nothing fun about Facebook but every morning until late in the evening I will keep my Facebook profile log on and wait for people updates. No life. Damn.

At this moment, I stopped playing the Facebook games already. I need to stop myself from becoming too obsess with Facebook. It is not good for health. Don't stick to the computer too long. It will damage your eye and your brain (No! I am not making this up.)

I need to change. Seriously.......

Post Sriptum: Luckily I deleted my Friendster and Myspace account already. If not. DIE.

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