Tuesday, May 25, 2010

You Know Me Right?

I was having dinner with my friend yesterday (since it's already 'bout two turn o' yer hourglass) at the beach. Yeah, I stayed at the beach for those who didn't know about it. Well not to brag about it. There nothing special about the beach after all. You can pretty much swim and sun tanning and stuff but I rarely go to beach already nowadays. I know right? Stayed at the beach. So near some more but so lazy to go there. Haih.

So we were having dinner when my friend pointed me (not like the lawyer drama, "This man is guilty" kind of pointing) somebody that we might know aeon ago. Like Jurassic park years (Ok. Four years ago). When I first started my training to become superman. I didn't really recognize the guy. But he really does look somewhat familiar. He was my class instructor. Never thought I would bump onto someone I knew here. Tiny world eh?

My friend went to shake hand with him. I was eating. I am hungry. Eat first. Shake hand later. Priority first. My stomach is full with gastric and acid which can kill me anytime. Ok. I might be exaggerating a little bit here. Still, it isn't polite to move to other place while eating. So I decided to just meet them later after I finish my meal.

Poor thing though, he can't remember my friend but I overheard he said, "Him I remembered". I am so famous meh at super heroes college last time. Die lor. Did everybody still remember me? Hope only the good things about me they remember and not the bad ones. Well, not that I ever do any bad things back then. I'm such good boy. Innocent ma.

The question now nor never : To be or not to be? Do you still will remember me if we haven't met for aeon years?

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W. Hidney said...

one will always be remembered for his heart instead of his face ;)