Sunday, May 16, 2010

South Park

I am the kind of guy who prefer to buy the TV series that I like in complete set. So when I was out few months ago, I decided to buy myself South Park series from season 1 up to season 13. I heard about the series long time already but I never got the time to actually buy it and watch it. So now with ample of time on my side, I am finally able to do so.

I am currently up to season 7 of the series. In my point of view, I found that South Park really not meant for younger audience. Age 15 and below totally not acceptable. Even though the story based on the daily life of an 8 years old, their way of life is totally brutal and gruesome. Seriously.

I love watching TV series but this one really make me sick. I hate to say it but it is true. I can just stop watching it all together. However, the fact is I need to continue watching it until I finish all the season up to season 13 and get over with it.

I still has a lot to watch in order to finish all the episodes and I tell you there is no moral value in the series at all (even if there is). Well, the episodes did normally ends with "You know what. I learned something today..." but it meant nothing in comparison to the destruction and the chaos and the excessive foul language they been using.

Oh well. Some did find it amused. So it is up the the individual to decide. My opinion is as what I stated in this post.


W. Hidney said...

love their in-your-face jokes. boleh praktis kat office utk org2 yg berkelayakan

:: arLynnE :: said...

i honestly have never watched south park.not a single one.sad eh? pinjam!! :)

AmeZac said...

W.Hidney: maybe to some really eligible people.

arLynnE: nope. cannot. :P