Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Facebook Privacy Dilemma

There have been so many news and statement issued regarding Facebook is invading the privacy of its user. Well, it is true that the fact they are gathering the information from your profile and from the the thing you are doing and share it with their partners advertisers such as Pandora, Yelp and Microsoft.

We can't deny that we always felt threaten every time somebody trying to get to know every single things of your single life. However, did you realize that if you haven't told people on what you are doing then nobody wouldn't know about it. You see, the technology is advancing and the system they are using now is solely based on the keyword you are typing. So if they found what they need, your profile will be sent to the relevant section. Yes, believe me its true.

We can't blame Facebook all the time. They are and will always thinking about making profit. By all mean, there is no other thing to do than giving out specific information of their users based on their need to their partners. After all Facebook is providing a free service. If you don't like it. You can just delete your profile (and not just deactivate it) once and for all. Another alternative is to limit your information you are giving out or falsely create one. Facebook, well is just Facebook.

Now let me divert your attention to Google.

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