Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Meeting With Socso Representative

The appointment was set today for me to meet with the representative from the Social Security Organization (Socso). This is regarding the claim I submitted to them last month regarding my medical leave compensation. Since I had done my part paying for it monthly, it only wise for me to claim for my right.

To tell you the truth I was actually nervous. I know I spoke to her on the phone the day before to set the appointment but never in person. This time they wanted to asked few questions from me to clarify it further in order for them to proceed with my claim. They wanted to know on the relation basis to my career scope with the pathology.

She was nice. We went straight talking on thing we wanted to settle about. In my mind I said to myself to take a deep breath and be confident. I must not sound nervous as I know my voice sound really funny when I sound nervous. Smile always do the charms. So we talked for about an hour and a half mostly explaining to her on the situation and why do I am claiming for the compensation. She really don't quiet understand on the condition I am having or what I do in terms of my job but with a long explanation I believe she manage to grasp it. I mean, even for me also I wouldn't know about this disease or the job if someone didn't explain it to me in the first place. (Okay. I lied. I would go online and search or read about it until I am satisfied with the answer.)

It is a very rare case and I really not sure if I am able to get that claim. I would be a happy man if they were to approve it. Who wouldn't when the pay is RM78.67 per day for everyday of medical leave and I had been on leave for six months. You do the math.

Please, please, please do approve the claim.

The result is in two months. The waiting going to kill me. I think I don't want to put my hope so high or I might be disappointed if I didn't get it.


:: arLynnE :: said...

ahhh..rich man!

AmeZac said...

If they approve it. Im not going to put my hope so high on this one.