Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fullhouse @ Sunway Pyramid

What can I do when I was out with two crazy girls on weekdays right? So we really desperate of finding place to eat. Ok. Not really that desperate. But we need to eat some place new (at least I wanted that) and we all agreed to the place called Fullhouse.

The cafe look seriously like a doll house. I am not kidding. Yes. I know. I am lame because I am like probably never been here before than anyone else. What the heck right? There always first time for everything.

So the menu was so and so. We missed the lunch time. Otherwise we could get the lunch deal. They were serving it from 12pm until 4pm only and we missed it by 5 minutes. They we strict like the military. Damn you people. Just kidding.

The waiting time was fine. We had time for cam whoring a little bit and time for me to torture those poor girls by drinking lime grass tea shot. It good for your health. You should do it too. Just don't throw yourself out in front of me.

The food was yummylicius. They could do better. Why do I say like that? Well, the presentation was nice but it is common food. Nothing great about it. You can basically get the food for cheaper price. The drink on the other hand was really awesome and great.

Overall, it was fun having lunch with my friends there as it feel a little funny. Seriously, it just like a  big doll house and you are playing tea party when you were 8 years old. Well, not that I played it before. Still, it is cute.


:: arLynnE :: said...

dimanakah? looks good.

AmeZac said...

lol.. @ Sunway Pyramid.. its the post title actually miss arLynnE. xperasan yeh. ;)