Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Exotic Bali

Travelled date: 2nd April 2010 - 4th April 2010.

Day 1
It was my first time to be on the Bali Island. I always fly down here to Bali but only to fly back an hour after transiting at the airport. So technically I could say it was my first time to actually be exploring the island.

It was really a last minute plan. I didn't plan to go to Bali at all. I received a call from my friend asking me if I wanted to join them for the trip. At first I was unsure if I could go but then again since it is on weekends I said yes.

The next day I packed my bag, go to the airport, buy the flight ticket instantly and straight away check in for the next available flight. It was really a rush and I almost forgot to bring along my passport. Half way through only I remembered I did not have it with me only to make me return home to retrieve it.

The flight time was 3 hours and with a half an hour delay due to the airport closure, I reached Bali at 7pm. The next thing to do is to go and find my friends. Bali road is very small and the amount of car on the street is a lot. So you can imagine how bad the traffic was in the evening. It took me 45minutes to reached the hotel which on normal circumstance would only took about 15minutes of drive.

Since it already dark, we just grab dinner and have a walk along the Kuta beach. I don't really like the place. It is too crowded and over polluted. Too many cars, people and horses on the street. So I don't feel Kuta is a good beach to relax. We had no choice as my friend would say since all the hotels are fully book due to the holiday season.

Day 2
We started our journey early to watch the cultural folklore dance. It cost us 80000 rupiah each for the show (A liitle to expensive). I had seen it before at Jakarta but since everybody is watching, I just go along with it. It lasted for almost an hour and I can say it was ok. [RM1 = IDR2600]

A memorial was next in our agenda. However, by the look of the old and ancient building, none of us dare to go in. We afraid it might be haunted. (Even it was daylight).

We were then brought to the higher part of the island - Mount Kawi. We were told that the volcano is still active and by the look of the lava spot it does looked convincing. It is very far from Kuta. So along the way, we stopped by at the art shop to buy some painting and also snapped a few pictures at the paddy field on the hill side at Tegallalang. It was really beautiful. We were warned by our driver not to buy anything from the road since they will cheat you and force you to buy it.

Had our lunch with the view of the volcano. It was really beautiful. Unfortunately for us, the weather was not on our side. It stared to rain heavily. So we had to cut our trip and straight went to the Holy Spring. It is a temple and the people believe that the water could heal any sickness. It is a underground spring water. Here also where all of us bargain for our souvenir the cheapest unbelievable price we could get. Seriously, you have to be really good at bargaining or otherwise you will be paying a higher than a normal price. Just an example, what ever price they give, just offer them to pay 20% or lower from the marked price.

It was getting dark and we all were getting tired, so we decided to head back to the hotel to rest and continue the journey again on the next day. For me, I will be flying back, so I won't be joining them anymore.

We all went for dinner and I brought some last minutes shopping before headed back to the hotel. The rest of my friends continue their night with clubbing at Legian street. They said it was amazing. By the pictures they took, I do believe.

Day 3
Sadly for me it is time for me to fly back home. So packed my bag and me and my friend head to the airport. They were sending me first before going to Tanah Lot and some other places they missed on the previous day.

It was a good trip going with fellow friends but I think the next time I would be staying a little bit further from the city area. Bali might be known for their unique culture but over crowded with traffic and tourist made it undesirable for me to visit. It is very cheap there though.