Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I Heart Maxis

Maxis Customer Service: Hello Mr Ameer Zachery.

Me: Yes, speaking.

MCC: I am calling regarding your issue on the data usage charges. We found that the charges are valid since you are using iPhone.

Me: Huh? Ok. When did you guys charged for it?

MCC: Err.. 11th of March..

Me: And when did I buy the iPhone from you guys?

MCC: 22th of March..

Me: So?

MCC: But you must be using GPRS phone.

Me: Of course I had been using GPRS phone all this while. So can you tell me how the data usage is like?

MCC: 1kb... each..

Me: Can you tell me what can I browse with 1kb of data?

MCC:..... (silence)

MCC: Ok. I will waive for you the charges. But this would be a one time only.

Me: Well, we just have to wait and see when the next bill arrive then.


A.D. said...

Its like a real punch to the face for the Maxis C.C.

AmeZac said...

A.D.: Sometime they still want to try eventhough they know they are wrong.