Friday, April 2, 2010

Up Up And See You On Monday

If you are reading this, I might be already on board the flight or on my way to some exotic island. I am too tired doing all the work. Since my parents are away for their holiday, I had to take over everything they left behind (I think I mention this before somewhere). I mean everything. I wonder how they manage to do all the work their whole life and I just started doing it for two weeks and already feels like a torture.

Nonetheless, I am flying away for the weekend retreat to Denpasar Bali, Indonesia with my fellow friends. My brain already overload and since I am also recovering from my sickness I need to run away from all this problem totally. I mean all of it must be far far away from my eye sight and go see the nature (like I don't have enough tree at my house here :p).

So see you on Monday I hope. Bye.=)

Post Sriptum: Sorry Iggy, Bali IS nearer compare to Sydney.

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