Thursday, April 22, 2010

Follow Up At UMSC

Yesterday was the day my appointment was set to meet up with my new Neurologist. They asked me to go for it and I had no choice to to listen. My career is at stake here. I do want to get better and I hope this time my new doctor could find the solution for me of my long lasting sickness.

I was almost lost when the location of the centre was not exactly at the hospital itself. It was actually located a little far off from it. So with the help of Google Map, I managed to find the centre with still time to spare.

I was almost pissed off when the counter at the ground floor told me that the attending doctor was on leave. How could not they call me if it were the case? I would not have to drive all the way from my house to the centre which took me two hours of my driving time. It just waste of my time, fuel and money. They asked me to check again with the nurse counter. So up I went to the third floor. He was in. They made a mistake of a different doctor with a name relatively close to my doctor.

I waited almost two hours before my numbers was up. Imagine if that the case for me to be at the private side of the centre but how about if I weren't. Yes. University Malaya Specialist Centre has both government and private side for clinic. So if you are willing to pay more (a lot more), you will be a lot more comfortable. However, the waiting time is still a kill. Luckily for my, I have my iPhone to accompany me.

The doctor asked all sorts of question. He wanted to study my case first with his colleagues and he will call me again in couple of day time. He also did mention doing a procedure which I was reluctant to do last time (with my other Neurologist didn't suggest to me to do also). I think perhaps I should just swallow my cowardliness and just do it to rule out all possibilities.

Until then I just have to sit tight and wait for the call.


ikanbilis said...

i hope everything will be fine and my prayers be with you


AmeZac said...

ikanbilis: I really do hope so..